Merkley makes it official; tours Western Oregon

On Monday, Jeff Merkley will make his official entry into the U.S. Senate campaign, with an eight-city tour of Western Oregon. The first big event, in Portland, will feature Governor Barbara Roberts and Commissioner Sam Adams.

Beginning Monday, September 17 the Jeff Merkley for Oregon campaign is having the Western Oregon Campaign Kickoff Tour.

The campaign is announcing an eight city RV tour to announce Jeff's candidacy for the US Senate. Announcements for tour dates for eastern Oregon will be in the coming weeks.

Please join Jeff as he announces his campaign for the US Senate! We'd love to have you be a part of these special events.

The schedule for the tour is as follows:

Portland: Monday, September 17 5:30 PM
Medford: Tuesday, September 18 8:00 AM
Roseburg: Tuesday, September 18 11:30 AM
Eugene: Tuesday, September 18, 2:45 PM
Corvallis: Tuesday, September 18, 5:15 PM
Newport: Wednesday, September 19 8:00 AM
Lincoln City: Wednesday, September 19 10:00 AM
Salem: Wednesday, September 19, 12:00 PM

For more information on the tour, and to attend tour events, check out Merkley's campaign site.

  • Garlynn -- (unverified)

    An eight-city R.V. tour -- wonder if he's considered running those R.V.s (that R.V.?) on Biodiesel?

    just curious...

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    Garlynn, it's one RV. I'll be blogging the trip at the Merkley for Oregon campaign blog, and I'll find out for you.

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    Jeez, the next thing you know he'll be running a cement truck as his daily driver! What next, a locomotive? The Space Shuttle? What an eco-terrorist! It is probably a lot more economical to run a single RV with your staff aboard than have five or six conventional cars with one or two aboard each. Plus you can work and sleep in it while taking turns driving, etc. Meanwhile, Bush flies in a 747 followed by a few F-15s just to go to Wal-Mart.

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    p.s. Come see the RV at the first tour stop in Portland on Monday night!

  • Tom Civiletti (unverified)


    It's a campaign, not a couple on holiday. I don't think your sarcasm if warranted. But biodiesel would not be a bad idea.

  • DJD (unverified)

    When will the fine Rep. Merkley come on out to the dry side of the state? Everyone of those towns is safe and happy to have him as a candidate, I want to see him in action behind enemy lines!!!

  • Daniel Spiro (unverified)

    Normally, I like to utilize Blue Oregon to point out how terrific Novick would be as a Senator and how crazy it would be for the people of Oregon to elect either Merkley or Smith when they have the chance to elect Novick. But that's not my message this week. This week, I'm in the tank for Merkley.

    Novick and you other Ducks, you cocky Schmucks, just you look out. Next Saturday, last year's Pac 10 joke will turn into this year's Pac 10 juggernaut. If last night's 37-0 pasting of San Jose St. is any indication, the Cardinal should be able to handle the Ducks next Saturday. That's right: Stanford football is back!

    I understand Novick has offered to bet with with Merkley, a Stanford grad, on the game. Merkley should take Novick up on the bet, insisting on all the points that Vegas will give him. Then, I can join the Merkley campaign for one week. Once it's over -- once Stanford has shown everyone how improved they are under rookie coach Harbaugh -- I can go back to pointing out that while Stanford might be the best university in the West, Novick is surely the West's inspiring politician.

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    An "in the news" post with 10 (count 'um, 10) links to Merkley's campaign website?

    y'all aren't even being trying to be subtle anymore. shall we reference the infamous (to some) "in the news glitch" that we discussed earlier?

    (apologies, to some (others), for the "meta-chatter.")

  • Dale Thompson (unverified)
    <h2>As a Dem who chooses to live on "the dry of the state" I've never thought of it as livng behind "enemy lines." I find people here to be quite friendly. I do, though, wish that every Democrat running for statewide office would spend a little more time here getting to know us. That rarely happens.</h2>
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