Oregon Democrats Launch "Ask Oregon" Campaign

In a press release, the Democratic Party of Oregon announced it is launching a new internet campaign making it easier for Oregon constituents to contact elected officials.

Through its "Ask Oregon" campaign, the DPO is using the latest in web technology to let Oregonians ask elected leaders about current events. Oregonians can raise questions to elected officials via email, blog post or video.

"This initiative is a high-tech two-way street. Oregonians ask us questions and we get them answers," DPO Chair Meredith Wood Smith said. "We want Oregonians to know we are listening and we are taking action."

United States Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) will kick off the video series with an introductory segment asking for questions from Oregonians on a wide range of issues. The initial video will be posted on the web at www.oregondemocrats.org.

There are multiple ways to ask questions for the campaign:

Oregonians can respond with questions for Blumenauer and future participants. Future videos will include other congressional representatives and past and present statewide public officials.

All Oregonians have to do is tag their videos, blog post, or email with "askoregon," so the DPO can find their video and comments.

Here are a few different ways to reach the DPO:

-YouTube: Upload your video, or use your webcam, and then tag it "askoregon"

-Create a SplashCast account at www.splashcastmedia.com. Make a multi-media show and tag it "askoregon"

-Email your mobile phone video to [email protected]

-On your blog post, tag it "askoregon"

-Send an email to [email protected]

Read the rest. You can also watch Blumenauer's video at the DPO website. What questions do you have for Oregon's Democratic elected officials?


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    I worked on this project. It's kind of an experiment, and I do hope you'll participate. The DPO is really trying to reach out to folks and be responsive. We want to help connect the politicians, the people, and the party. You can help!

    The big guys and gals will all be at the Summit, so we'll have a chance to film some answers. We're hoping the questions will be insightful and (maybe?) entertaining so that we can post them too.

    What do you want to know? Check out the web page, and follow the directions. And let us know if it's confusing.

  • Brent (unverified)

    This is an exciting new project- I really hope that people participate, especially putting up videos on YouTube or sending them in. The CNN/YouTube debates were a big success, and I'd like to see something similar come out of this for Oregon. Just go to http://www.oregondemocrats.org/ask_oregon to get started!

  • UberDemocrat (unverified)

    This is how we need to be using Technology to reach out to people and create that debate and conversation that can't happen in main stream media.... i hope this works i played with technology a bit and it is awesome. freaken post stuff already.

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