Senate '08: Hard Hits

Loaded Orygun is covering the latest war of words between rival US Senate candidates Steve Novick and Jeff Merkley:

After a couple of weeks in which supporters--if not the candidates themselves--got a little testy with each other over Jeff Merkley's vote on a symbolic resolution in 2003, it appeared as if the Novick campaign attempted to start the post-Labor Day phase of the primary with a more light-hearted challenge: Ducks vs Cardinal in football.

The stakes?

If the Ducks (Novick's alma mater) beat Merkley's Stanford, Jeff would have had to put a Novick sign in their window for a day. Giving odds, Novick pledged to pimp Merkley in HIS window for TWO days.

Novick might want to re-evaluate those odds. In response, Merkley was none too keen to pick Stanford over the Ducks:

"Like most Oregon Democrats, Jeff Merkley knows Republican incumbent Gordon Smith is the whole ballgame. And that game isn't won until Gordon Smith is no longer in the U.S. Senate."

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