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There's a whole lot of chatter that goes on here at BlueOregon -- but can any of it change the world? Or at least our little corner of the world?

Well, over the weekend, we added a couple of nifty little features that can you help YOU share good stuff at BlueOregon with your less-political friends, family, and neighbors.

SharingoptionsUp top, we've got that "email to a friend" feature that we've always had - and we hope you use it regularly to email the good stuff you find to your people.

Next, we've added a little "Share on Facebook" link. If you're a Facebook member, just click on it - and that BlueOregon item will be posted on your profile and shared with all of your Facebook friends. And if you're not Facebook member yet, why aren't you? There's a reason it's rapidly skyrocketing in membership (150,000 new members every day, 50 million Americans by years' end) and is now the #5 most popular site for Americans on the Internet (behind only Google, Yahoo, MySpace and YouTube.)

And finally, we've added a widget from OregonLive's Reddit feature. Once you've logged in there, you'll be able to join a growing group of Oregonians that are submitting and voting up (and voting down) stuff they find on the web. The latest and hottest links are found at Oregon Reddit - and the hottest of all links appears on the home page of So, if there's something you like here at BlueO, vote it up on Oregon Reddit - and it'll move beyond our little corner of the blogosphere.

Meanwhile, we'll keep on looking for new ways to make your blog-reading experience worthwhile... Stay tuned!

Update: We moved the Reddit feature off the home page, and to the interior pages for each post -- was loading it pretty slowly, and causing our home page to load too slow.

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