Voters' Pamphlet Arguments Published

The Oregon Secretary of State has posted the various arguments in favor and in opposition to ballot measures 49 and 50 online. Beaver Boundary has compiled a list of the various individuals and groups who wrote statements for or against Healthy Kids. Some of the notable endorsements in favor of the measure:

Oregon Pediatric Society, Children First for Oregon, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, American Lung Association of Oregon, Oregon Nurses Association, Nurse Practitioners of Oregon, Governor Ted Kulongoski, Oregon AFL-CIO, Stand for Children, Oregon Business Association

Those against Healthy Kids include:

Oregonians Against the Blank Check, J.L. Wilson (R.J. Reynolds Lobbyist), Northwest Grocery Association, Taxpayer Association of Oregon, Oregon Small Business Coalition, Oregon Neighborhood Store Association

Tobacco Lobbyist J.L Wilson submitted the bulk of the statements under the guise of ‘Oregonians Against the Blank Check’, which tells anyone that Big Tobacco is definitely behind the ‘Reject 50′ campaign. And this despite names like “Neighborhood Store Assoc.” and “Small Business Coalition”.

Check out the SoS website yourself for some deceptive forays into political argumentation–especially when they indicate that it’s the Big Insurance companies that are behind Measure 50.

You can check out the statements for both measures at the Secretary of State's site. Read the rest of the list and comment over at Beaver Boundary.


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