A special Blue Oregon dedication for the failed anti-gay rights petition gatherers

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    for more of the same, Jesus loves me (but He can't stand you) by the incomparable Austin Lounge Lizards

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    That was beautiful. Thank you.

  • David The Troll (unverified)

    Jesus Loves You Also But Sin is Sin. I will Be proud that I participate in Public Debate and Will In the Future Exercise my right of Choice Just as You Folks Do. How Inclusive is That??

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    DTT, What's With the Weird-Ass Capitalization? It is Rather Odd. Is This Something You Folks Do? And Since It is Perfectly Allowable, Albeit Odd, Is That Inclusive eNOUGH?

  • Robert Canfield (unverified)

    Hubris is a dangerous thing.

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    When I moved here in 1991, Oregon was on the national stage due to Measure 9. That initiative petition was a direct assault on the gay community -- not just a small step backward or a limiting of rights, but a change that would have asserted the moral inferiority of that community to every student and every schoolteacher in the state, at every opportunity.

    The campaign brought out the worst in Oregonians. As I was exploring the city, I saw a garage filled with the following words, in bright red letters: "AIDS IS THE CURE." It was the only moment that made me wonder if coming out here was the wrong decision.

    Although Measure 9 failed, nearly 44% of Oregon voters -- that's well over 600,000 people -- voted "yes."

    There may be a long way yet to go, but we've come a long way since 1991.

  • raul (unverified)


    David The Troll- it seems that there are a lot of closeted GOP types and mega church preachers. At least if a GLBT is out, you don't have to worry about who you shower with at church camp- or where you sit at the next GOP rally-

    Funny David how so many anti gay types are being found out to be gay themselves- but sneaky-airport bathroom-snorting drugs of a male hookers butt-Jeff Guckert-instant message pervo stuff to young boys- sort of way. It makes me wonder about you- sporto

    Not that there's anything wrong with that :)
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