Bloggers Abound in Oregon

Oregon Public Broadcasting reports on a new study showing Portland to have the second highest rate of bloggers in the nation, slightly behind Austin, Texas:

15 percent of Austin adults are bloggers.

That's according to market research firm Scarborough Research. Portland came in second on that list, followed by Seattle and San Francisco.

Portland blogger and law professor Jack Bogdanski says that doesn't surprise him.

Jack Bogdanski: “Portland and Oregon are among the lowest-church attending in the country, so maybe they're blogging instead of going to church.”

The study says all the cities high on the list have young, highly-educated populations.

Bogdanski has some other theories.

Jack Bogdanski: “Maybe it has something to do with the weather. We're inside a lot of the time. I think in Portland, too, a lot of it is people take pride in the city, and the state, and the region.”

Read the rest. Seattle and San Francisco were tied for third place with 13 percent each. Nationally, 8 percent of adults use blogs. In light of so many Portlanders using blogs, just how important do you think they are in politics and other fields?


  • jamie (unverified)

    Jack didn't say something cynical and sarcastic. Weird!

  • David McDonald (unverified)

    Wonder if it has anything to do with high unemployment rates...

  • Lelo (unverified)

    Love the dig OPB got in there at the end: "Following that logic, if you read the newspaper in the morning, are you a newspaper reporter?" Nice.

  • Larry McD (unverified)

    Aw cummon, Jamie! Everybody knows Jack's all about keeping Portland weird... besides, I'm thinking the "lowest church attendance" might be just a teeny weeny tiny slightest bit cynical.

  • (Show?)

    It may also have a lot to do with technology. We have a lot of people in the Portland area who work with technology and the web. We also tend to run higher than the average on the number of people who regularly use the web.

    The same can be said for the other three towns- Austin, San Francisco, and Seattle.

    I think blogs can be important in politics. Not so much in changing people's minds, since those coming to the blogs are probably already voting and will make up their minds based on their personal preferences, not necessarily what they read on a blog.

    However, they are great for getting information out there, letting people know about actions they can take, etc. They can help point you to news stories, candidate positions, information on ballot measures, etc. that you may never have heard about otherwise.

  • (Show?)

    That's a big number. I think that's great. Of course there aren't enough hours in the day to peek at more than a microscopic fraction of them, but still, what a great assortment of voices that must represent.

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