Charles Lewis Running for City Council

Editor's note: We've been running profiles of candidates as they jump into the Portland City Council race - and realized that we've been remiss in failing to note the entry of the first candidate to jump in. So, here goes...

Charles Lewis, the founder of the Ethos Music Center and Portland Duck Tours, is running for City Council and has recently attracted some attention for taking on Portland-bashing Stephen Colbert. First, from his campaign announcement:


This will be a campaign built on energy, action and idealism. We plan on challenging ourselves and others to seek positive, creative solutions to shared community concerns. We plan on challenging ourselves and others to live up to community ideals, and to act in the best interests of every citizen. We plan on challenging the community to take back its government from big money politics and special interests.

Irrespective of who else might join the race later, I’m not running a campaign against anyone. On the contrary, I’m running for a set of ideals. I’m running because I believe that Portland can be an affordable place for families and citizens to live. I’m running because I believe that the city can empower and encourage the small business owners that make up the life blood of our economy. And I’m running because I believe we can instill government with both a sense of fiscal and social responsibility.

I believe in these ideals, because I believe in the idea of creative government. I believe that Portland citizens can do anything we set our minds to, and that no obstacle is too great to overcome and that no social injustice is too small to ignore. I believe that each and every Portland resident has something to give back to our community, and that each and every resident has the responsibility to look out for one another.

Lewis has recently grabbed attention in the media by coming to Portland's defense after tv comedian Stephen Colbert attacked the city on his show. From KPTV:

Lewis has more videos from the encounter and information on his candidacy on his website,


  • Tim D. (unverified)

    Its good to see some fresh faces in this race. I used to live by NE Killingsworth and I'm really impressed with the facility Charles has built and the real impact he has made on the local community. Portland schools had their music programs cut back and Charles decided to try and give Portland's kids the chance to participate in music and afterschool programs. He recognized problems, rolled up his sleeves and worked his tail off to make the community a better place. And oh by the way, he did this as his full time job and without any taxpayer money.

    We have plenty of good candidates this time around but how many can say what they've done full time and what their results are? If you don't believe me, go to 10 North Killingsworth sometime and see for yourself!

    <h2>Go Charles!!!!!</h2>
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