DPO Sends Gordon Smith "An Inconvenient Truth"

Over at StopGordonSmith.com, Democratic Party of Oregon Executive Director Trent Lutz discusses a little gift he sent in the mail to Senator Gordon Smith.

The site discusses Smith's weak record on environmental issues and climate change:

DPO Executive Director Trent Lutz mailed Smith a copy of “An Inconvenient Truth” today to inform Smith about climate change and convince him to change his votes on global warming.

There is nothing to indicate Smith has changed his stance from 2003 when The Daily Astorian said his climate change position would earn him induction into the Flat Earth Society.

And his voting record signals little concern over climate change. Smith has voted against proposals to reduce greenhouse emissions, against boosting fuel efficiency, and for windfall profits for Big Oil. In each of those votes, Smith voted opposite Oregon’s other U.S. Senator, Democrat Ron Wyden.

Read the rest and comment at StopGordonSmith.com.


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