Gordon Smith Halloween Poll

StopGordonSmith.com has an online poll up asking Oregonians what scares them the most about Senator Gordon Smith's voting record. The options:

Creepy Credibility: Smith voted 4 times since May to keep troops in Iraq, after coming out against the war.

Haunted Honesty: Oregon's second-largest newspaper has questioned Smith's willingness to bend the facts.

Chilling Choice: Smith is consistently anti-choice, even voting against reaffirming Roe v. Wade.

Endangered Environment: Smith was against drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, until he voted for it. No wonder his environmental rating is 14%.

Eerie Economy: Smith cut taxes for Big Oil and corporations while voting against the minimum wage 6 times.

So what do find you scariest about Gordon Smith? Comment and vote in the poll at StopGordonSmith.com.


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