Jeff Bissonnette runs for Portland City Council

JeffbissonnetteThere's another candidate in the race for the Portland City Council seat that's currently held by Sam Adams.

Consumer advocate and community activist Jeff Bissonnette has jumped in with both feet, and is running as a Voter-Owned Elections candidate.


He has spent the last nine years as a consumer advocate with the Citizens’ Utility Board of Oregon, making sure that utilities don’t gouge ratepayers, and developing progressive energy policy for the state of Oregon.

Jeff also spent nearly a decade working as a social service advocate to set up school breakfast programs and summer feeding programs for children in local communities. He also recognized that families must have the ability to help themselves and he worked to support the start-up of community gardens and plant-and-seed distributions so families could grow their own food. ...

He has worked with electoral efforts as part of the Multnomah County Chapter Steering Committee of the Oregon League of Conservation Voters, electing pro-environment candidates and holding them accountable once in office. He has also worked to ensure a diversity of voices by serving on the board of Portland Community Media, providing a means for community-based communications.

From his campaign announcement:

Better Employment - Portlanders need economic security for themselves and their families. Small businesses are the economic foundation of our city and we need to ensure that Portlanders have the resources to start, grow and sustain locally-owned businesses that provide a solid underpinning for our community. I will work with small business owners throughout the city to create those needed resources.

Better Education - Portlanders need opportunities to ensure they have the education and technical training to work and live in a diverse and rapidly changing society. Investing in post-high school education and life-long training is the key to maintaining local businesses and creating family-wage jobs in our city. I will fight for the resources to make those investments.

Better Environment - Portland has the potential to become a national leader in creating a “clean” economy with “green collar” jobs. For instance, making investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies as well as in reducing the city’s carbon footprint must be continued and pursued even more aggressively. I will work with Portland residents, organizations and businesses to demonstrate that environmental responsibility and economic vitality are not trade-offs but can and must go hand in hand.

Better Accountability - Portlanders expect a lot from their city. It is essential that they understand how and why decisions are made and trust that public resources are being used to achieve the greatest good. I will make sure that Portland works for Portlanders by having field offices throughout the city and appointing a bureau staff member as a citizen representative in each of the bureaus I will oversee to ensure that Portlanders get the good service they expect from their city.

Learn more at Portlanders for Jeff Bissonnette.

Previously on BlueOregon, we highlighted candidates Amanda Fritz and Chris Smith. (And there will surely be more.)


  • Andrew Ainsworth (unverified)

    Shoot, son. Now I have to choose between Jeff and Amanda. At least there are a bunch of great candidates running.

  • Linda Tomassi (unverified)

    This is great news! Jeff has dedicated his adult life to public policy issues that are at the heart of the values of Portland and Oregon: environment, consumer protection, community media, and higher education. Besides being really smart and thoughtful, he walks his talk.

    Jeff's a creative thinker who knows how to build coalitions and work with a diversity of people and opinions. I don't recall ever being this enthusiastic about a candidate for public office. Go Jeff!

  • Tom Civiletti (unverified)

    Would Bissonette be the third vote approving city condemnation of PGE?

  • Eliza Canty-Jones (unverified)

    I remember working with Jeff eight years ago on the campiagn to keep Trojan owners from charging ratepayers for profits they would have made if the power plant had stayed open. Over the years, I've seen Jeff working in different political venues, and he's always struck me as a thoughtful, hardworking grass-roots activist who is interested in making pragmatic changes in public policy. I'm looking forward to seeing him influence the debate in this election.

  • pdxskip (unverified)

    Are there REALLY already two votes lined up for condemnation of PGE? OMG I hope not! With 45 minutes of research any dolt can figure out how utterly stupid that idea is!

    Aside from the fact that buying back shares of PGE stock to complete such a take over is way beyond the city's financial capacity, it makes NO sense when one reviews the lack of depth of management talent residing within walls of city hall.

    Nothing could turn out more disasterous than this! Eric Sten, CEO of PGE? Randy Leonard, Exec VP of Labor Relations?

    Now there are a couple of horse laughs!!!

  • Luci Longoria (unverified)

    I'm so glad Jeff Bissonette is running for City Council! Not only is Jeff down-to-earth, hardworking, and committed to Portland's quality of life, but he has demonstrated experience and effectiveness on issues related to the environment and consumer advocacy. I can't wait to see what he'll accomplish in his endeavor to make Portland an even greater city. Go Jeff!

  • Garlynn -- (unverified)

    Golly, Skip -- do you really think that Portland would be less able to manage a public power operation than Alameda, Sacramento, Palo Alto and Los Angeles, CA, as well as Ashland, OR? All of those cities already have public power. I think Portland would be able to do just fine if it were to take over PGE. Without the profit motive, there should be long-term rate savings -- and even if rates never actually go down (they probably won't), at least there would be a guarantee that the power is produced as a public utility, not as a private for-profit enterprise, and that it would be locally controlled and owned.

    Not sure how much more research I would need to do...

  • Louise Tippens (unverified)

    Jeff Bissonnette would be a GREAT City Commissioner! He is very thoughtful and has more integrity than most of us. He is also able to see many sides of an issue. I wouldn't worry about PGE right now. Let's just get him elected so we can have him in City Hall.

  • (Show?)

    Now I have to choose between Jeff and Amanda

    And don't forget Chris Smith!

  • Andrew Ainsworth (unverified)

    And don't forget Chris Smith!

    I am.

  • Andrew Ainsworth (unverified)


    And I apologize about that. Just slipped my mind.

  • Varner (unverified)

    I've also worked with Jeff and known for several years. It would be hard to find a smarter and more committed individual.

    He has clearly dedicated his life and career to serving the public interest and understands the challenges of real people.

    He's also totally aware that Portland extends North of Killingsworth and East of 82nd. Which is good.

  • Jan Schaeffer (unverified)

    I've watched Jeff build coalitions of hundreds or organizations in support of common good. His personality is a fascinating combo of patience and bulldog, reflective and driving. He would be a terrific commissioner, a voice for the real Portland. Let's get him elected.

  • (Show?)


    You lost me at "Better Education" If you win, I hope this will be the last time you are not truthful to the people of Portland.

    The City Council can do nothing to improve education in Portland. Anyone that says they can is just not being honest to themselves or the people of Portland.

    Good Luck!

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