Kulongoski Looks Into Executive Change to Licenses

Two weeks ago, Governor Kulongoski proposed a two-tiered system of drivers licenses to meet national standards. Now, the Governor is looking into changing license requirements administratively even before the 2008 Legislative Special Session.

From the Statesman Journal:

Kulongoski spokeswoman Patty Wentz said Tuesday the governor might use his executive authority to enact tougher requirements - a possibility applauded by fellow Democrats in the Oregon House who don't want to leave the issue hanging until February's legislative session.

"We urge him to take immediate action to strengthen our driver's license documentation standards," said Rep. Terry Beyer, a Springfield Democrat who is chairwoman of the House Transportation Committee.

Kulongoski first raised the issue last week, saying Oregon's loose rules for proof of legal residence have made the state a target for noncitizens who seek to obtain identification cards for illegal purposes.

Oregon is one of eight states that don't require proof of "lawful presence," such as birth certificates or passports, to get a driver's license. Oregon instead has a long list of documents that qualify as evidence that the person is a state resident.

Wentz said the governor's lawyers are researching whether he could by executive rule impose more stringent requirements to obtain a driver's license.

"We are looking at all of our options to see what we can do administratively before the February legislative session," she said.

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  • Kitty C (unverified)

    It seems you are missing the rest of the story. How about the part that gives illegal aliens a drivers license without the same documentation that will be required for United State Citizens? Or did you leave that out on purpose?

  • J (unverified)

    Quit hating brown people just because they are brown you idiot. The real solution is not to prevent them from getting training so they don't kill us on the freeways its to prosecute and lock up people who employ them.

  • Rick Hickey (unverified)

    "to prosecute and lock up people who employ them."-J

    Jeff Merkley, OR. House leader, STOPPED HB2715 from having a hearing to see how the Voters feel about this enforcement law. YES, he stopped the Bill moving forward to require Employers to use the free & fast E-Verify to make sure workers are Legal & not committing ID Theft/Fraud. Merkley also killed the Bill to stop Illegal Aliens from getting a Drivers' License/Photo ID/Keys to get stuff. And a Bill requiring proof of Citizenship to Vote was stopped, hmmmmmmmm, see a pattern here?

    In other States that still have Democracy i.e. AZ., OK., GA., CO.,S.C.,VA.,NJ. they now have laws denying employment to Illegal Aliens. Oregon's ruling party won't even allow a hearing on it, hmmmmm, see a pattern yet?.

    And you guys want Merkley for your U.S. Senator?

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    What part of "two-tiered" don't you understand, Kitty?

  • Eric J. (unverified)

    Now you see why Merkley is such a Milquetoast.

  • (Show?)

    Rick Hickey: (much whining deleted)

    It really is too bad you Republicans haven't had a chance to control the house in the last 20 years...

    Oh wait... you have. And yet you never did anything about what you're whining about now.

    Don't think we don't know what this whole illegal scapegoating really is for: a way for you to try to find someone else to blame for your massive screw ups. What you're desperately trying to get people to forget is that we had plenty of illegals around during President Clinton's term, and it didn't harm the economy then.

  • (Show?)

    It seems you are missing the rest of the story. How about the part that gives illegal aliens a drivers license without the same documentation that will be required for United State Citizens? Or did you leave that out on purpose?

    Illegal aliens are already driving in this state. I guarantee it. Kulongoski is just making sure that the drivers on our road have the training and insurance required to drive safely. It's not the job of DMV workers to enforce border laws, lord knows my trips to the dmv take long enough as it is.

    As for Merkley, thank god he had the common sense to put the issue to rest so that the legislature could actually be productive this session. And, if you don't like it, the beauty of democracy in Oregon is that you can put it on the ballot as a ballot measure next year.

  • LT (unverified)

    For those who don't follow legislation closely, here is the bill history and summary of that bill mentioned above.

    HB 2715 By Representative BOQUIST; Representatives BARKER, BRUUN, D EDWARDS, KRUMMEL, RILEY, SCHAUFLER -- Relating to employment verification pilot program; declaring an emergency. 02/15 (H) First reading. Referred to Speaker's desk.
    02/21 (H) Referred to Business and Labor.
    04/25 (H) Work Session held.
    05/01 (H) Without recommendation as to passage and be referred to Elections, Ethics and Rules.
    05/01 (H) Referred to Elections, Ethics and Rules by order of Speaker.
    06/28 (H) In committee upon adjournment.

    Makes findings on employment of individuals who are not authorized to work in United States. Requires employers to participate in federal employment verification pilot program. Requires employers to terminate employment of employee upon receipt of notice from Department of Homeland Security that employee is not confirmed to be eligible to work. Requires Commissioner of Bureau of Labor and Industries to assess civil penalties against employer that fails to apply to participate in employment verification pilot program or that fails to terminate employee when required. Declares emergency, effective on passage. << There was a work session held (more than many bills get) but it wasn't sent out to the floor.

    Let's see. "Requires employers to terminate employment of employee upon receipt of notice from Department of Homeland Security that employee is not confirmed to be eligible to work."

    Didn't a federal judge just rule that the "Soc. Security match letters" from the federal government saying "the Soc. Security #s don't match therefore you must fire this person" could not be used because clerical errors might lead to the firing of innocent people due to clerical error?

    You expect me to believe the federal government never makes clerical errors and therefore this bill should have been voted on in the Oregon House?

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    Right. I run into this problem all the time. I legally have two middle names - the one I was born with and my maiden name. Back in the area of Texas I lived in I was well known as Jenni Mason. That was the name I'd written newspaper articles, LTEs, and columns under for about 7 years before I got married.

    When I got married, I added my new last name onto my entire name. My middle name was passed down to me when it was evident my parents would not have a son, and I'll pass it along to one of my children one day. While living in Texas I went by "Jenni Mason Simonis." Since moving to Oregon I've only gone by Jenni Simonis.

    However, the fact is I have two middle names.

    But most forms only give you room for one middle initial. You can even write it another, but they only key the first one into the system, since the system often only has room for one. So then you get flagged for not matching your Social Security card. This happens every time I submit a FAFSA form for college. I then have to take the college a certified copy of my birth certificate, my social security card, and other documentation.

    I wonder how many people would run into this problem at their places of employment.

  • Kurt Chapman (unverified)

    You mean the same gov K who meekly served up the two tier program a short time ago; only to watch it get swatted, unceremoniously into the cheap seats? Has his political polling informed him THAT was a non-starter (hint - it is).

    Giving illegals a drivers license does absolutely NOTHING to assure that they get insurance, learn or obey the driving laws. The hispanic young man who could barely speak English that hit my son's car (while it was legally parked) had no insurance or the rudimentary knowledge of how to report an accident. His parents, living in another state had no permanent address or desire to pay for the damages. Giving illegals drivers' license does nothing to make our roadways safer, it just makes a mockery of our state licensing system and damages everyone elses identification use when it comes to I-9's, boarding planes and opening bank accounts.

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    If that "Hispanic young man" had had a driver's license, he would have had the rudimentary knowledge of how to report an accident, and at least sometime in his past had insurance. To get any driver's license in the State of Oregon, you have to pass the driving exam (written and behind the wheel), and show proof of insurance.

    If you take drivers licenses away from people (US citizens and otherwise) who don't have easy access to their birth certificates, all you end up doing is taking away the minimal incentive to prove you can drive a car safely before they actually start driving one.

  • Kurt Chapman (unverified)

    Kari already stated it so I'm on safe ground here. Steven, I'm calling Bullshit on your post.

    I've SEEN the DMV folks cater to Hispanics who are pretty illiterate in their own language, let alone English. I've SEEN how they treat young men who are not Hispanic and how they bend over backwards to accommodate those who are guest here. I also know that an illegally obtained license from another state is still allowed to be handed over for an Oregon license.

    <h2>Having a license from Oregon does absolutely NOTHING to isure good driving skills, knowledge of basic law OR having the statutory minimum level of insurance.</h2>
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