Lefty Lane: another new progressive Oregon blog

Another member of the BlueOregon community has jumped in with both feet and started her own blog.

Sarah Lane, who posted here at BlueO in June about Elizabeth Edwards and has been a regular diarist at DailyKos, has launched Lefty Lane.

My name is Sarah Lane. Raised a liberal and I'll die a liberal. I've been blogging over at Dailykos for a number of years and decided it was time to start my own blog. I don't have a journalism degree, all I have is my heart and brain and this keyboard. It's the new kind of journalism stinking up the mainstream media's office buildings. No boundaries, no obligations, and no corporate money. It's probably the best kind of journalism we are afforded right now. ...

I have to find my news elsewhere. I have to find out what is happening in Iraq on the internet. I have to find out how our politicians are really spending our tax dollars on the internet. I have to find out what species is about to be extinct on the internet. I have to find out what's happening to the polar ice caps on the internet. I have to find out what's happening to our failing dollar on the internet. The dinosaurs in the mainstream media have done us all a disservice, that's why it's up to us to keep the public informed. ...

Hopefully, I'll give you more than another Paris Hilton story.

In one of her inaugural posts, she takes the East Oregonian to task for their silly hit on Jeff Merkley, cribbed from an Oregon GOP press release:

The Eastern Oregonian decided to join in on the pointless smear, here's what they said:
If he does manage to somehow find his way past Biggs Junction and deeper into Eastern Oregon, no doubt locals will treat him with the respect his campaign apparently doesn't know how to extend.

LOL! Let's get a little perspective here folks. The Oregon Republican Party falsely claimed that Merkley had never been east of the Cascades. They were wrong. Now, the East Oregonian is actually claiming that Speaker Merkley doesn't respect Eastern Oregon. This is just childs play. The campaign is just getting started, and I'm sure that Merkley will be visiting eastern Oregon in the months ahead. I will say that I believe the Merkley Campaign should be jumping up for joy about now. If this is all the ammo the Oregon Republican Party has against Merkley, looks like Oregon Democrats will have something to smile about come election day.

Keep it up, Sarah. We're expecting big things!

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