Oregon Ballots Mailed Today

Today is the first day that Oregon ballots begin being mailed to voters, the Oregonian reports:

Oregon voters, get your pens ready. Election officials begin mailing ballots today to the state's 2 million registered voters, who have until Nov. 6 to turn them in.

And yes, that's what all those TV and radio ads have been squawking at you about - the vote-by-mail ballot includes two statewide measures placed there by the Legislature. One is Measure 49, which would limit development allowed under the Measure 37 property-rights law approved by voters in 2004. The other is Measure 50, which would increase cigarette taxes and use the money to pay for children's health insurance and other health programs.

Ballots can be returned by mail or by using one of about 290 official drop sites throughout the state.

Read the rest. Ballots will be mailed through Tuesday. The Oregon Secretary of State has an online list of ballot dropsites, as well as the Oregon Voter's Guide. If you are registered to vote but do not receive a ballot, you can request a replacement ballot by calling 1-866-ORE-VOTES or contacting your local County Elections Office.


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