Oregonian's Video Editorial for Measure 50

Yesterday, the Oregonian endorsed Measure 49 and 50 in two print editorials. Now, the editorial board has released a video endorsement of Measure 50. The video is a moving account of three Oregon children who are struggling without health insurance and would benefit from Measure 50.


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    Can't stand the Oregonian but it is nice to seem them endorsing both measures.

  • PDX97217 (unverified)

    Great pictures, great words, great conviction. Thanks to Doug, Rick Attig and Jamie Francis for advocating for Oregon's kids.

  • politicalmom (unverified)
    <h2>I am excited to see the overwhelming support for 50 from so many places. The supporters may not have as much money as the opponents, but hopefully on election day the voters will prove that money doesn't run everything. Very moving piece. My heart goes out to those families and all the others like them.</h2>
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