A moment of insanity then back to GOTV

Jonathan Poisner

I first got exposed to "campaigns" in 1996, when working for the Sierra Club, heading up an effort to drum up negative press on then-Congressman Jim Bunn's awful environmental record. With about 3 weeks to go in the election, the Club decided to "donate" me for the remainder of the campaign to work directly for Darlene Hooley's campaign getting out the vote.

My first night at the campaign, the campaign manager, Robert Richman, spoke to about 7 or 8 of us on staff. (I believe Kari Chisholm may have been among us, as that's when I first met him on the Hooley campaign). The gist of what Robert said is that somewhere, sometime, a US Congressional race is going to be decided by 1 vote. And we should work for the final 3 weeks to make sure we wouldn't wake up after the election beating our head against a wall because we were on the losing end of that 1-vote loss.

Now, part of me then (and now) wants to say: "that's insane." It's certainly a recipe for many sleepless nights, not to mention an ulcer.

But, sitting around 53 hours from when the final votes can be submitted on two incredibly important ballot measures, I hear Robert's words and I rededicate myself to spending the next two days getting out every last possible Yes on 49 vote. If we lose by 1 vote and I haven't given $$ and spent time until it hurts . . .

Whether it's 49 or 50 that drives your passion, hopefully we can all get off the blogs and find a few more hours on the phones or doors driving up voter turnout among target audiences.

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    I believe Kari Chisholm may have been among us, as that's when I first met him on the Hooley campaign

    Yup. Sure was!

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    Good post, Jonathan.

    BTW, Robert Richman had a sign on the wall that read:

    You gotta want it more than the other guy, or you won't get it.

    You gotta eat it, sleep it, breathe it, live it, love it... or lose it.

    I've never worked harder in my life than on that campaign.

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    Great post Jonathan! The Jackson County GOTV phone bank has been humming along since October 28th, when we conclude calling on Monday, Nov. 5th over 300 will have volunteered their time. We have guru's managing data entry, supervisors and our wonderful GOTV Chair who has been at our headquarters for each shift of phone bankers! Our Jackson County Central Committee voted overwhelmingly to support Measures 49 and 50. Your post is right on target!

    Thank you.

  • Kurt Chapman (unverified)

    An intertesting point of making each and every individual effort in support of your position regarding elections. That is certainly a great idea regardless your position on any measure.

    While riding through the Applegate this week-end I took a decidedly non-scientific poll on M49. It was based solely on the number of signs posted outside properties. The YES signs were outnumbered about 8-1 by the NO signs. Before one goes off about corporate developers and timber interests, I had to note that the YES signs were in front of mega vinyards and 5-10 acra tracts w/McMansions on them. The no signs were clearly in front of older homes and family enterprises engaged in farming, dairy, small vinyards, etc.

    <h2>Just an observation going into the last few days.</h2>

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