Archimedes Movement Moves Forward

Over at, former Governor John Kitzhaber describes the future strategy of the Archimedes Movement in Oregon. Kitzhaber discusses the progress already made by the group, as well as future plans to expand to Washington and Montana and create a plan for health care reform by the 2010 election:

This message marks a turning point for the Archimedes movement and I hope you will read it in its entirety. Let me start by thanking you and the thousands of others who have worked side-by-side with us to launch, form and grow the Archimedes Movement here in Oregon.

During our first year we focused on engaging citizens and stakeholders to develop a conceptual framework for a new system – and a way to realize it – which was reflected in the Oregon Better Health Act, introduced for consideration by the 2007 Oregon legislature.

With the introduction of the legislation, our focus shifted from trying to expand the movement to millions of people across Oregon to trying to influence 90 legislators in Salem. And although our legislation was not enacted this year – in part due to its relatively late introduction – the citizen and stakeholder engagement that took place around it produced three important documents which can form the foundation for developing the shared vision necessary to bring about national reform: (1) our Statement of Intent; (2) our Principles; and (3) our Framework.

Kitzhaber outlines three major goals for the movement:

Goal One – Expanding Capacity Our first goal is to revitalize our existing chapters and to form new ones. The chapters need to begin reviewing, discussing, “truth testing” and refining the three documents which the movement has produced to date. This work will provide the foundation on which we will develop the shared vision necessary to bring about national reform.

Goal Two – Creating a "Safe Forum"
Our second goal is to create the safe forum within which within which to build broad consensus around a shared Vision of the new system. This will provide a vehicle through which to engage the many economic “stakeholders” who will be affected by moving from the current system to a new one. The stakeholders will include, but not be limited to: consumers, providers, payers and insurers. The work conducted in this forum will be directly linked to the citizen engagement process conducted by our chapters.

Goal Three – Exposing the Problems with the Current System
Our third goal is to use our grassroots organization to raise awareness of the consequences of clinging to the current system in ways that individuals can understand and identify within their own communities. As our vision develops and takes shape it will offer a powerful contrast between the system we have today and the promise and possibility of the future – giving people a shared vision and a common purpose – and creating the political tension necessary to bring about the reform that we seek.

Read the rest and discuss at the Archimedes Movement.


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