Congratulations, Scott Moore

One of our favorite local journalists is making the transition from reporting to working for an elected official. Willamette Week is reporting that starting next week, Scott Moore of the Mercury will be working for the Secretary of State's office.

From WW:

Portland Mercury reporter Scott Moore is moving on. The hirsute cyclist starts next Tuesday as the new spokesman for Secretary of State Bill Bradbury.

We also begrudgingly acknowledge the skillful use of the term "hirsute."

Good luck, Scott! And please give Dan Meek, J.L. Wilson, and Don McIntire our best regards.

[Update: Here's a sample of Scott's work that we'll especially miss: KATU Loves Hummers.]

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    Cool news. Congratulations, Scott. Now I need to find a new favorite reporter in Oregon.

    I do have one question, though: dude--do you even have a tie?

  • mconley (unverified)

    Congrats to Scott for getting to work for the best boss around, Bill Bradbury, and one of the best-run government agencies I've ever been involved with!

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    I'll definitely miss Scott's quality reporting. Especially because he often covered stories that were neglected elsewhere.

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    Mary's right: Bill's a great boss, and you'll have a lot of fun there. It's also important work. I had the opportunity to work with the campaign in 2000 against Snodgrass, and think Bill's a helluva good guy. You'll do well there.

    And hey, next time I see you at progressive Happy Hour, we can lift our glasses and curse local media anew!

  • Scott Moore (unverified)

    Thanks, all, for the kind words. I appreciate it greatly.

    Patton, I'll have you know that I own no fewer than three ties. Possibly even four.

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    Dammit. One of the best damn political reporters in this state heads over to the dark side. Our side, that is.

  • Travis Diskin (unverified)

    You know when posts like this add editorial...

    "Good luck, Scott! And please give Dan Meek, J.L. Wilson, and Don McIntire our best regards."

    ...they should be attached to a person, not an "in the news" posting.

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    Scott blogged about me when my bike got stolen outside City Hall. A great guy if I ever met one. Best of luck, Scott!

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    <h2>Props. The Bradbury is beloved. It's a great fit for a great office.</h2>
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