Federal Judge Position Opens Up in Oregon

A federal judge position is expected to open up in Oregon following the announced semi-retirement of a current US District Judge.

From the Oregonian:

A federal judge who has presided over a number of high-profile cases in Oregon has decided to request senior status, opening up a position on the bench.

U.S. District Judge Garr King made the request in a letter to President Bush dated Thursday. He also sent a letter to Oregon Sens. Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith, notifying them of his decision.

Federal judges receive lifetime appointments. But senior status allows them to work part-time past retirement and still maintain their salary levels.

King, 71, said in the letter to the Oregon senators that he plans "to continue to take a substantial case load as a senior judge."

King has handled a number of important cases over the years, including salmon conservation cases and a challenge to the Bush administration's warrantless secret surveillance program.

King has most recently been involved in salmon conservation cases:

King also has been involved in some of the major rulings in the battle over salmon conservation, including his decision last month to order NOAA Fisheries to reconsider its decision not to protect Oregon coastal coho under the Endangered Species Act.

King affirmed the ruling by a magistrate judge earlier this year that NOAA Fisheries was arbitrary and capricious and did not rely on the best available science when it decided to leave coastal coho off the threatened species list.

Smith and Wyden will form an advisory committee to screen applicants for a replacement and make a recommendation to President Bush, a spokesman for Smith said.

King was appointed by President Clinton to replace U.S. District Judge Helen J. Frye. He is a graduate of the University of Utah and Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College. He served briefly as a Multnomah County prosecutor in the 1960s before entering private practice.

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    I think that Judge King's bio underscores the obvious - how important control of the White House is to getting competent judges on benches across our great country.

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    Control of the White House AND the Senate -- in fairness, you need both. Just look at the way Clinton's nominees were hung up in the Senate during the last few years of his administration. It was a real scandal (unlike the "scandal" that people think of when they think of Bill Clinton).

  • Admiral Naismith (unverified)

    King couldn't wait another year to step down?

    <h2>Great. Get ready for his replacement--Klamath County Hanging Judge Thaddeus J. Firesnort.</h2>
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