Happy Thanksgiving!

Charlie Burr

  • Erik Sorensen (unverified)

    Ahhh, what does it mean. ;) Just kidding. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!!!

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    And to all a Good Night. Except for Bush. He spares one turkey on TV and then eats another for dinner. Hypocrytical bastard.

    G'night Folks!

  • Kurt Chapman (unverified)

    Glen, man you should really regulate your medication. Were you as incensed when Clinton did the exact same thing 8 Thanksgivings in a row? Because if you didn't, you post is just mental diarrhea.

    Its been a lomg standing custom, and a pretty silly one, but almost all modern Presidents have made a gesture like this to one Thanksgiving Turkey each year. Perhaps you can be that Turkey in 08?

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    Dude, I'm a vegetarian. Last night I sacrificed a Tofurkey. Tastey! And yes, Bush I, Clinton & Bush II have all been silly about this. That's about how far back the tradition actually goes, save a very few occasional turkey reprieves over the last century. Almost as silly as throwing a multi-trillion dollar war based on lies, and financing it on the people's credit card.

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    Nice one.

    You just gave the water-cooler a nice rosey glow.

    All the best you and your family.



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