Outsiders? Insiders?

Yesterday, the Steve Novick for Senate campaign sent out an action alert - concerned that the "DC establishment" is overly involved in supporting the Jeff Merkley for Senate campaign:

I need your help to tell the D.C. establishment that Oregon's primary election isn't for sale. The Bend Bulletin reported today that our primary opponent has already received nearly $100,000 in assistance from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee - over six months before Oregon voters will get a chance to cast their vote for who they think is the best candidate to take on Gordon Smith. ...

We know that Steve is the right candidate to beat Smith and would make an incredible voice for Oregon and for a progressive future in the U.S. Senate - but clearly that makes some people in D.C. nervous. They want to make sure that this primary is decided long before election day.

Over at PolitickerOR, Wally Edge is calling foul:

Now, wait a minute. Isn’t Novick the guy who worked inside the D.C. beltway for years at the Department of Justice? Did he not just host a fundraiser in D.C., trying to court the same kind of political insiders that are lining up with his primary nemesis Jeff Merkley? Is he not same the guy who worked for years on several Democratic “establishment” campaigns including Governor Ted Kulongoski’s first go around? Steve Novick, an outsider to Oregon politics? Please. ...

He continues to court the same voters, same elected official endorsements, the same labor unions and the same campaign cash as Merkley, only with very little success. Does Novick’s self-proclaimed “outsider” status now mean if he were the only candidate he would reject any cash or support from the DSCC in a Democratic primary even if it meant building a stronger general election campaign? Very likely not.

Read the rest at Novick for Senate - and at PolitickerOR. Discuss over there.

And while you're at it, donate to Steve Novick, Jeff Merkley, or to the Democratic Nominee fund.


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