Protesting Gordon Smith

Over at, DPO Chair Meredith Wood Smith calls out Gordon Smith for his record on Iraq, and asks Oregonians to hold Smith accountable with protests around the state:

One year ago, after the landslide 2006 elections, after polls showed Americans no longer supported Republicans nor the Iraq War, only then did Smith say he opposed the war.

Smith stood loyally by President Bush for years. He sent him blank check after blank check for the Iraq War. Now that it’s election season he wants to fool Oregonians into forgetting about his record. We won’t be fooled by a political opportunist who can’t be trusted to stand up for Oregon when it counts.

In fact, Smith can’t even trust Smith on the Iraq War. Even after his December 2006 speech, he’s voted four times in 2007 to keep troops in Iraq and prolong the war. In their February 10, 2007 editorial, The Oregonian even said he has been “here, there, everywhere” on the war.

And his own supporters have said they are concerned that Smith “…doesn’t really stand for anything other than his own re-election.”

Wood Smith announces a number of protests that will be held next week outside of Smith's offices statewide:

So join me this Wednesday, December 5th, in holding Smith accountable.

The Stop Gordon Smith Campaign will protest outside all of Gordon Smith’s Oregon offices at 11:30 a.m. to let other Oregonians know about Smith’s real record. If you can’t stay the whole time show up for 15 minutes anytime between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

Bring a sign. Bring some friends!

Let’s hold Gordon Smith accountable.

For more information on protest locations, and to comment, visit


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