Secretary of State candidates: a plea for help

Over at PDX Perspectives, they want help sorting out the four Democrats running for Secretary of State:

I promise I am going to spend some time trying to figure this out myself, based on looking at their web sites and at their news coverage, but in the meanwhile, can somebody out there please help me with a clue as to what the substantive differences are between Brad Avakian, Kate Brown, Rick Metsger, and Vicki Walker? And how would those differences translate into the way they would do this job?

I looked at the Secretary of State website and it did not seem to me that any of these people would be any more or less qualified than the others.

So what's the deal?

The four campaign websites are here - Brad Avakian, Kate Brown, Rick Metsger, and Vicki Walker.

If you're supporting (or opposing) one or more of these candidates, head on over to PDX Perspectives and say why.

Discuss over there.


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