Measures 37 and 49 in Multnomah County

Over at Blog for Oregon, Jenni Simonis has put together some fascinating maps comparing the votes for Measures 37 and 49 in Multnomah County:

In 2004, 69 of the county's 127 precincts voted for Measure 37 and 57 against (there is one precinct in the county with 0 voters).

Last month, only three of the county's precincts voted against Measure 49. Thirteen precincts voted more than 90% in favor of M49 - the highest no vote on M37 in 2004 was 77.78%. There were 65 precincts that voted at rates higher than that in favor of Measure 49.

The differences in how people voted in 2004 in comparison to last month were quite extraordinary and is best seen in a series of maps I've put together:


There are also two maps comparing the percentage of yes and no votes for both measures:


It would be equally interesting to see similar maps of the votes statewide; does anyone happen to have precinct maps for every county in Oregon?

Read the rest and comment at Blog for Oregon.


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