The Money Race

Politicker OR has a breakdown of the fundraising figures for candidates for the various statewide races. Greg Macpherson and Kate Brown lead in the contested Attorney General and Secretary of State races, respectively, while Democrats in the State Legislature are outraising their Republican counterparts:

The race for cash is off and running with Majority Leader Dave Hunt and the House Democrats leading in the amount of dough raised at $226,549 and Attorney General candidate Greg Macpherson with a whopping $251,525 on hand.

Kate Brown leads the charge in the Secretary of State race pulling in $155,295, however, Brad Avakian’s meager $2264 in his bank account speaks much louder and enhances recent speculation that he may be dismounting the SOS horse race altogether. Perhaps a better offer has come along?

Treasurer candidate Ben Westlund wins the largest debt award, but that could change quickly if GOP lobbyist Craig Campbell jumps into the fray. House Minority Leader Bruce Hanna shows little chance at regaining control with $20,264 in the bank, but a lot could change between now and next November. Senate Majority Leader Richard Devlin picked up where Brown left off with strong numbers in the raised and on hand categories, but Minority Leader Ted Ferrioli is not far behind. Below is a breakdown of all the statewide and caucus campaigns.

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