Video: Smith Defends Trent Lott

The indespensible Talking Points Memo posted this clip of Gordon Smith defending the comments of Trent Lott yesterday:


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    I posted that link yesterday and was even on-topic!

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    The mortal sin that our nation suffered a civil war that shocked the world for it's carnage, a segregation of the races that made people of color second class citizens while we proclaimed our virtues of freedom is hypocrital. Only a racist contrary to all that we would presume of our democracy would presume to explain away such comments as Senator Lott made that day.

    Sen. Smith would think that making a public statement while chiding the racism of the longest serving Senator in the Senate whom made segregation, and racism the focus of his candidacy for decades is the ultimate of hypocracy, and racist rhetoric.

    For Senator Smith such comments are acceptable and any condemnation of such statements would be in his opinion abusive of Senator Lott, not the millions of black people it insults.

    Thus if you did not have a reason to vote Senator Smith out of office, you do now, that is if you are opposed to your U.S. Senator's being a RACIST.

    Happy Thoughts;

    <h2>Dan Grady</h2>
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