Clark County GOP: 2nd Worst Persons in the World

On MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann, he's got a running daily segment called "Worst Person in the World" - which usually calls out some nefarious activity by someone that's evil, corrupt, or stupid.

Yesterday, the Clark County (WA) Republican Party got the runner-up award. Why? For posting the idiotic and wildly inaccurate anti-Obama email that's been circulating in right-wing circles. (Screenshot from blogger Jon DeVore.)

They've now pulled the story.

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(FWIW, the Worst Person in the World yesterday was Bill O'Reilly. Again.)


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    I think people can look at how the G.O.P. continues to target Obama in many states and draw their own conclusions about who'd the Republicans rather face in a general election.

    But Democrats shouldn't kid themselves into thinking this type of gutter politics is limited only to the Republicans. Just last week, Nevada voters were subjected to similar -- albeit more subtle -- robocalls blasting Barack Hussein Obama (while gratuitously mentioning the middle name no fewer than four times in the 30-second call). And frankly, I expect Democrats to behave more responsibly than Fox News in such a critical primary.

  • kent (unverified)

    What the Clark CO Rep that bad before or after lars moved up there? And lets get this straight the Republicans have a very long history of this type of crap. As they would say “check your moral compass”.

  • Don (unverified)

    How about the news that Bush lied over 900 times when selling the Iraq War huh:

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    Charlie --

    Do we know that it was Democrats who sent those robocalls to Nevada voters? If you're right that the GOP is already targeting Obama, maybe it was Republicans who did the robocalls.

    Just thinking out loud here.

  • iggi (unverified)

    that's funny...two seconds on Google shows it to be a hoax.

    my conservative brother in Southern Oregon tried sending that out via email about a week ago and got slapped down for it.

  • Holly Martins (unverified)

    This is going to get real nasty before it's over. If we nominate Clinton, then we're in for months of non-stop misogyny combined with a right-wing replay of Bill's years in office. If it's Obama (my choice) God know where it's going to go, but I suspect that this doozy is just a hint of what's to come.

    Reality has a well-known liberal bias.

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    Ah...the Clark County Republicans...never too ashamed to post inflammatory smears on their website.

  • anonymous (unverified)

    The City Attorney for the City of Vancouver is one of the leaders of the Clark County GOP.

    I want a public explanation from him as to how this racist post ended up on the County GOP's official website. I want to know if he thinks, in accordance with that post, that all Muslims are per se terrorists. Are they any Muslims working at the City of Vancouver? I wonder what they think about this shameful incident - that the City's own legal counsel is implicated in spreading racial hatred towards African Americans and Muslims.

    We should not just let this go. Someone must be held accountable. The person(s) responsible at the Clark County GOP must be publicly named.

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    Word, Holly. And on the misogyny front, the Rs are going to have plenty of allies in the MSM, and not just on the small carnivore network, as coverage of N.H. showed.

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    Ooh, the pseudo-retraction of the Obama piece comes right under an anti-hate quote from MLK, about how hate causes one to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true.

    This is a particularly choice bit of shamelessness, and yet also a self-accusation. The "retraction" actually continues the lie, citing only vague "errors" of fact in the general text, which makes several claims.

    What it does not do, and should, is explicitly repudiate the central claim of the smear, that Obama is Muslim. That is false, and a gross lie.

    So they planted the Big Lie, kept it visible, then took it down with out actually saying that it was false, but left its odor to linger.

    Nor did they identify it as a piece of a hate campaign that people, including decent Republicans should reject and be wary of.

    Oddly, the Clark Co. GOP site contains a link to, the urban legend site, where a search on "Obama" calls up a detailed refutation of the smears, last updated Jan 15, two days before the date on the screen shot at think from the piece above.

    (On a smaller note, they need an editor; the smear refers to Obama as a "Democrate", some sort of floor model I guess, and his mother as an "athiest", presumably in contrast to a middling athier or a mere lowly athy.)

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    It's an interesting question. They're robo calls, so we don't know 100-percent who's behind them. We do know who benefitted.

    We also know last year Hillary Clinton called negative campaigning "the fun part of the campaign." We know Hillary's former national co-chair (and New Hampshire native) clumsily wondered aloud if Obama dealt drugs. We know that high-profile endorsers of Hillary have demonstrated a skill in keeping the discredited "madrassa" smear part of the conversation. We know Hillary's top campaign advisor just days after the drug smear went out his way to repeat the drug story on Hardball to the disgust of everyone on the program including Trippi. We know Hillary's campaign went after Obama's kindergarten record. We know Hillary allies at AFSCME attacked Obama in a way to make the charge appear as if it came from Edwards. We know Obama's 100-percent Planned Parenthood rating in Illinois on choice didn't stop the Clinton campaign from distorted Obama's record to the point where the Clinton surrogate making the attack now says she thoroughly regrets it.

    <h2>So we don't know who made the dogwhistling robo calls, but it's not that hard to guess.</h2>
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