Gordon Smith and John McCain

StopGordonSmith.com is questioning how Senator Gordon Smith can continue to support Presidential hopeful John McCain while McCain advocates prolonging the Iraq War:

Gordon Smith can rescind his support for the Iraq War’s most ardent proponent - U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) - or he can continue to endorse a man who is campaigning on prolonging the war.

Since launching this video of Smith and McCain in July, the DPO has been criticizing Smith for his contradictory support of McCain. Smith says he opposes the war, but continues voting to prolong the war and has endorsed the war's most unyielding proponent for president.

McCain’s campaign manager, Rick Davis, said McCain’s presidential candidacy is no longer about the White House, it’s about staying in Iraq.

“’This isn’t about electing a man president,’ Davis said. ‘It’s about continuing a war.’”
(Roger Simon, The Politico, 9-18-07)

“If Gordon Smith truly opposed the Iraq War, wouldn’t he end his support of the war’s most stubborn proponent? By tomorrow morning, John McCain will be the favorite to take the Republican nomination. By tomorrow morning, will Gordon Smith show character and credibility and drop his endorsement of McCain?” DPO Chair Meredith Wood Smith asked. “The Iraq War is not just another policy issue. It is the most important issue facing our country and a daily matter of life and death for our armed forces. But apparently it’s not an important enough issue to Gordon Smith. He is letting his friendship with McCain outweigh his obligation to his constituents and our men and women in the military to bring the troops home.”

The post features a video that compares Smith's and McCain's varying positions on the war. Read the rest and comment at StopGordonSmith.com.


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