Matt Wingard reveals divisions within the Oregon GOP

Last week, Willamette Week reported that Matt Wingard - a Republican candidate for the Lege in Wilsonville - had admitted to and been convicted of hitting his then-seven-year-old son. BlueOregon coverage here.

What's interesting about the story isn't that Democrats pounced -- it's that so many Republicans did.

As Ridenbaugh Press noted:

Some Republicans have jumped Wingard hard. Wingard has a long list of endorsers, and some have pulled their support. House Minority Leader Bruce Hanna (R-Roseburg) even asked for his $1,000 contribution back. There’s talk about party people trying to prssure Wingard out of the race, or finding a primary opponent for him.

It seems that Wingard is associated with the hard-core conservative wing of the party. At NW Republican, Ted Piccolo (Coyote) blogs:

...we learn that the "establishment oriented" Republican Caucus is attacking a conservative Republican. ...

The Republican caucus, or the "establishmentarians" are never comfortable with solid conservatives. They will ALWAYS look for someone who is prone to deal making to support and include in the future caucuses. Remember the names, Lynn Lundquist? Lane Shetterly? Mary Gallegos? Rob Patridge? Max Williams? And of course Ben Westlund? This kind of behavior from establishmentarians was evident when they closed ranks to stop Larry George and attempted a personal smear campaign agaisnt him. ...

So now the cat is out of the bag. The conservative community has sent word to the establismentarians that, we see your bet and now we are going "all in."


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    The more folks get a good look at the connection between meanness in personal life and authoritarian right wing politics the better, I say.

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    Donner, party of six... Donner, party of six...

  • jrw (unverified)


    Looks like a messy primary with parties fragmenting all around these days.

    Pass the popcorn, please.

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    Donner ... party of five...


  • Moderate Republican (unverified)

    Based on your previous threads concerning Novick and Merkely, I don't think the Republicans have anything on you when it comes to "eating their own".

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    Yeah but I'd place bets that no one on those threads asked for their money back...

    It's one thing to have a big family fight in public (my southern sensibilities are finally getting used to it) and another to throw a family member to the wolves as soon as they do something that might embarass you in public, especially when it's probably something that you knew about and let slide as long as no one else knew.

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    Is it ok if we we have higher standards than our opponents?

    Reminds me of conversations with Righties regarding torture, wars, etcetera. They usually go quickly to some frame like "Well, that's what (Saddam, Osama, Hamas, whomever) do."

    To which I reply, "Oh, is that the new standard of behavior for the much ballyhooed Best Danged Nation on Earth?" As long as we behave slightly better than they do, we're good to go.....I guess.

  • Robert Smith (unverified)
    <h2>Check out what's happening with Susan Morgan's old seat in Roseburg. The hand-picked replacement has hit the skids. He's got a DUII.</h2>
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