Questions for Gordon Smith

With the first debate between the Democratic candidates for US Senate set to take place on Tuesday, Stop Gordon Smith notes that Gordon Smith should also be answering his fair share of questions. The site lists the 5 top questions reporters should be asking Smith:

1.The Oregonian chastised you for too much contradiction. The Register-Guard charged you with bending the facts. Do you agree or disagree with the editorials they’ve written about you?

2. During your 2002 campaign you ran TV ads saying you would not vote to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Then, you voted to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in 2005 and 2006. Given that track record, how can you assure voters they can believe your 2008 campaign statements?

3. In their February 10, 2007 editorial The Oregonian said you have been “here, there, everywhere” on the Iraq War. The Stop Gordon Smith Campaign protested outside all five of your Oregon U.S. Senate offices because of your willingness to say anything about the Iraq War. Do you feel Oregonians know and trust your position on the Iraq War?

4. Even some of your supporters and allies have questioned the accuracy of your statements or the sincerity of your actions. Is this the first time your own supporters have criticized your accuracy and sincerity? If not, how have you dealt with this in the past?

5. Although Oregon is a pro-choice and environmentally conscious state, you routinely earn low scores from pro-choice and pro-environment interest groups. Can you explain the disconnect between what Oregonians want and how you vote?

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