Republican statewide candidates? State GOP can't be bothered.

Over at, they've got the news that State Rep. Scott Bruun (R-West Linn) has decided against running for State Treasurer or any other statewide office.

“I did give the treasurer's race some long and hard consideration,” Bruun wrote in an email Thursday. “My issue is that the time needed for a Republican to run a successful state wide campaign in blue Oregon isn't conducive to paying the mortgage.”

Bruun is just the latest in a long string of Republicans who are declining statewide campaigns. So far, there are zero announced Republicans for Attorney General, Secretary of State, or Treasurer.

More interestingly, Bruun says the state GOP doesn't even appear to be interested in recruiting candidates for those races:

“I have not had a single phone call, email or letter from anyone trying to recruit me to run,” Bruun explained, adding: “The problem for the GOP in Oregon is that we really don't have any recruiters, no real support network that encourages state wide runs.”


  • Just a Thought (unverified)

    If any Greens read Blue O, soon is the time to switch parties and file; taking over a party has never been so easy.

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    Now if/when we knock off Gordon Smith, that dynamic will only accelerate for the GOP and make it that much harder for them to mount serious challenges to re-take any of those seats. Hopefully then we can begin a serious concerted assault on reclaiming the Oregon 2nd Congressional district and brining a representative who will work for everyone and not put allegiance to the GOP rubber-stamp ahead of what's good for rural Oregonians.

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    Looking at the Census Bureau website for something else recently I ran across an item saying that current projections are that Oregon may be in line for an additional congressional seat in the reapportionment after the 2010 decennial census.

    If Oregon got a sixth seat, would it break up the 2nd district?

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    It could go anywhere. There's no requirement that the new lines even remotely match the old lines. That said, the lines would dramatically affected by where the new growth is.

  • josh reynolds (unverified)

    I believe the whining from Scott Bruun comes from the fact that he really wasn't on anyone's list to run for statewide office but his own. There was clearly recruiting going on for republican statewide candidates, Bruce Starr, Allan Alley, Sid Leiken, etc.. The difference is that they are all smart enough to know that this wasn't a good year for republicans.

    The good news is we will have very good people in all the statewide offices to move Oregon forward.

  • Unrepentant Liberal (unverified)

    Republicans. May they go as extinct as the Whig Party and while they are at it could they please take phony 'Independent Democrat' Joe Liberman and the Deleware for Liberman Party with them.

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    Great, so Republican Scott Bruun, who wrote the sales tax op-ex in the Oregonian last month isn't going to run for Treasurer on the GOP side and Ben Westlund, who was Bruun's co-sponsor on a sales tax bill with four other Republican state Reps for the 2007 Regular Session is our only choice on the Democratic side.

    Why should the GOP bother putting up a candidate?

  • Alan (unverified)

    The Republican Party needs to spend time in the other Oregon to find there people to run for state office. The other Oregon is the area outside Portland and the W.Valley. That Oregon is RED and very mad with the people who live in a very narrow part of Oregon between the Cascade Range and the Coastal Range. As far as they are concerned Portland is just like San Francisco and Ashland. The Rogue Valley and Klamath Falls will be the market for money and of people who will change how Republican's does business in this state. This state is split people who live in the W. valley and the rest of us this is the weakness of this state. This weakness will only grow and keep this state from being able to push thru the changes needed to be ready for whats coming from outside it's boarder.

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    It gets harder and harder to stampede Oregonians with the Fear Card.

    <h2>Where will it all end?</h2>
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