The Pendleton Debate, part 2 - with video

The East Oregonian, who sponsored the Pendleton debate, has posted their full coverage.

Read the story here. The videos below were filmed and posted by the East Oregonian.

Merkley on Columbia River Water

Novick on Education

All four candidates on Native American Tribes


  • LT (unverified)

    Thanks for the link to the updated article!

    I heard Ben Westlund speaking on health care (and other topics) today. He was excellent.

    The debate article says,

    "We absolutely need to raise reimbursement rates so doctors do not fire their patients," Merkley said. "It doesn't matter what your plan says on paper if you can't get the services available."

    Novick suggested cutting costs elsewhere.

    << Maybe the reporter did Steve wrong in not enumerating what he meant by "elsewhere".

    Ben Westlund talked about the cost of health care in Oregon and the many threads in the cloth of healthcare which need to be changed to improve the situation. One suggestion is to have standardized insurance billing forms so that a doctor doesn't have to hire a couple office workers just to decipher the various insurance billing forms.

    THAT is how I think the health care debate should proceed. Not just generic suggestions reported in a newspaper article but a vision for the future and a plan to carry it out.

  • (Show?)

    LT, Westlund was giving a speech. Novick and Merkley were in an hourlong debate with two other people.

  • LT (unverified)

    Yes, TJ, I understand that. I'm just saying that it would be nice to hear that sort of detail from our Senate candidates sometime between now and May.

  • Pavel Goberman (unverified)

    Democratic Party of Oregon and the Oregonian didn't invite me for debate of Candidates for US Senate in Pendleton. Why? Because I do not pay the media and named the media a cancer of our society, a public enemy. It shows up the bad faith of Dem. Party and corrupted media. I lost NOTHING, but the People of Oregon lost.. "For the wages of sin is death" - Proverb / Bible Copy of announcement of my Candidacy for US Senate:

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