Have a beer with Sleeve Nohooke

There's another video in the U.S. Senate race. Sort of.

[Editor's note: For the record, this ad parody was produced by Willamette Week - not anybody at BlueOregon.]


  • chris (unverified)

    I'm not sure why this is here. It's not funny, it's just stupid, probably offensive.

    But this Huckabee video kills me: huckabee

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    Offensive to whom? People with hammers for hands?

    Adrian Chen kills me.

  • LT (unverified)

    I thought the hammer was funny.

    And the Huckabee video---reminds me of the old Laugh In show, but then I was just telling a young friend today that this election year with conventional wisdom being wrong so often is what 1968 was like.

  • davidg (unverified)

    I thought I saw an interesting message in the video: overkill accomplishes nothing.

    But I sometimes take things like this too seriously.

  • Disgusted (unverified)

    shame on you. What poor taste you have . . . it'll be amazing if you have any business left when this election is over.

  • Jim Sullivan (unverified)

    I agree that it's kind of tasteless, but it was created by an apparent Novick supporter.

    If you caught last weekend's Civil War basketball game, you saw a hilarious campaign spot for U.S. Senate candidate Steve Novick called "A Beer With Steve Novick," which highlighted Novick's hook-hand and its less-than-obvious benefits. The ad is blowing up (and rightfully so). It's "gone viral" on the web, boasting more than 60,000 views on YouTube, even landing the Democratic Novick on Fox News (!).

    Now the video has completed the next step towards Internet canonization: It's been parodied . By me and my friends. I'm pleased to present the Internet debut of a Willamette Week original: "A Beer With Sleeve Nohooke":

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    I've added an editor's note to make it clear that this parody came from Willamette Week. Please direct your ire there.

  • Adrian Chen (unverified)

    Jim: I'm not a "Steve Novick supporter." Caring about a U.S. Senate race is for old people and NRA members: I'm 23, and I rescinded my lifetime membership after seeing "Bowling for Columbine" twelve times. For a busy college student like me it's the presidential campaign or nothing. But probably nothing.

    I am, however, a big supporter of the ad, which I think is incredibly creative for a political spot. Thanks!

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    Well, I am a Novick supporter, and I thought Adrian's video was genius.

  • Pat Malach (unverified)

    I don't think the ad was offensive or disgusting or a smear. I don't think the Novickies should be upset.

    But I also don't think the ad was all that funny, either.

    I'll take my lumps now.

  • Pat Malach (unverified)

    Excuse me. I was talking about the parody, not the original ad, which was quite funny.

  • ben rivers (unverified)

    Caring about a U.S. Senate race is for old people and NRA members: I'm 23, and I rescinded my lifetime membership after seeing "Bowling for Columbine" twelve times. For a busy college student like me it's the presidential campaign or nothing. But probably nothing.

    And this is why old, white haired men that don't care about your problems run this country.

    I hope you never complain about your local services, this state, taxes, gas prices, text books, rent, or...well you get the point.

    It is your local elected officials who get results on this stuff. So if you care about those things you better start caring and leave the slacker "voting is for old people" mantra behind.

  • Rose Wilde (unverified)

    This is what happens with the internet -- people who don't know Adrian and didn't see the video of Adrian's blind dates with Mary Starrett and Joe Keating ("Blind CandiDate") -- see another clever offering of his and don't get the joke.

    Sigh... look up "Blind Candidate" on You Tube and I think you'll discover Mr. Chen is serious about playing with your mind and very serious about politics.

    One reason to use humor and silliness, and sometimes crass appeals to sex, in politics is to engage disengaged voters. This isn't just a "young thing" either -- unless someone can explain Ben Westlund's Jizz Pimp for Treasurer campaign T-shirts.

    Wasn't the average age of voters in Oregon's last primary something like 60 years old? Gee, do you think it's because all the media attention gets sucked up by national candidates that we, in Oregon, have almost NO influence over with our late primary? So only older voters, who are more likely to notice and care about the local and state elections, where our May votes actually do matter, bother to vote. [I sure didn't know jack about zoning, and the local officials who manage it, until we bought a house. e.g.] Good lord people, we have to do something to make the primaries sexy -- or at least slightly cheeky.

    I'm thinking of a county commissioner beauty contest -- let's get Pete Sorenson, Rob Handy, Bobby Green and whoever else emerges by March 6th in evening gowns and bathing suits. Speedos, anyone?

    I'd show up for that!

    Now don't get obnoxious and start preaching about wanting "educated" voters -- I know a whole lotta boomers who voted for Reagan in 1980, so we all make mistakes, right?

    Keep it up Adrian!

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    of course it's not offensive. it's not very funny either. it's too obvious. when you get the joke before the gag goes more than 3 seconds, how funny can it be? the original was funny because it was unexpected. the same reason the Merkley ad wasn't very funny, either: you knew it was going to be an upside-down car joke, but they didn't get the gag right; it was just obvious. obvious is rarely funny.

    but offensive? not even close.

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    I can't help it: I think the hammer coming down on the beer bottle is really funny. Maybe it's because I don't like beer.

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    I didn't find it ha-ha funny, but it's amusing, and caused me to go look at the original ad. and the huckabee spoof up above, gave me a chuckle - thanks for that.

  • john (unverified)

    Yeah, he could have: Smashed the beer with a can of peas, Tossed the bottle and poured her a pint from a tap, Shot the top off with a revolver hidden up his sleeve, Tried to smash the bottle with the hammer while he looked/talked at her and hit his thumb instead.

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