Merkley's wife, Mary, talks about health care (video)

Mary Sorteberg, wife of U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Merkley and a registered nurse, talks about health care in the latest video from the Merkley for Senate campaign.

Earlier today, the Merkley campaign also announced the endorsement of the American Nurses Association and its Oregon affiliate.


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    The most noteworthy thing here, in political terms, is that Merkley continues to rack up union endorsements prior to the general election. That they've been spread over a series of months indicates a fundamental strength for Jeff.

    I've got a friend who is a union bigshot here in Oregon and I know from talking to him that unions don't do early endorsements lightly. His union has thus far declined to endorse anyone but, given the scuttle I've heard for months now, it seems very unlikely that they'd endorse Novick over Merkley. However... they do their own thing for their own reasons. Intra-party politics doesn't play a significant role in their decisions from what I can see.

  • HopefulFor2008 (unverified)

    Wow! And I thought Jeff Merkley was boring.

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    Great video! It is great to get this prospective as a kind of glance into the source of Merkley's beliefs on health care. We get a view into Gordon Smith's beliefs on health care every time he takes a check from the pharmaceutical industry. Its good to see that Merkley really gets health care on a more basic level that campaign contributions.

  • Robert G. Gourley (unverified)

    it seems very unlikely that they'd endorse Novick over Merkley

    My union, SEIU Local 503, is struggling with this very same question. It's like deciding between one brother over another - both need a kidney, who do you give your "spare" kidney to? Maybe the choice isn't that dramatic, but almost if you've been successful at making your endorsement mean something.

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    "That they've been spread over a series of months indicates a fundamental strength for Jeff."

    Or perhaps it's simply the regular timing with which unions endorse. It's not like OEA positioned its meeting in March with the idea of establishing "fundamental strength for Jeff."

    In other words, the statement is made up.

    Are there any other relatives we should be hearing from in the Merkley campaign? Second cousins, once removed uncles? I'd also like to hear from Ms. Merkley (or anyone) what the endorsement process of her union was, as well as her own involvement, if any. I'd think Kevin would be all OVER this, given his general hard-on for "disclosure."

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    I think Mary is a definite asset to Merkley's candidacy. She sees the problems within our health care system everyday. That's the kind of insider advantage I would want, especially considering passing UHC is my #1 issue.

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  • artsasinic (unverified)

    A little research will show you that the Oregon Nurses Assoc. sent a big chunk of money to Karen Minnis last election. I don't have the link handy, but I remember it well, because a sent a complaining letter to them, wanting to know why a Union would support response.

  • Steve (unverified)

    Shucks, I was hoping she'd talk about the time he walked on water to cure a blind person.

    <h2>Maybe he should just let his outstanding leadership at the special legislatvie session talk for itself.</h2>
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