OR-5: Mannix a "dead-set certainty" says GOP blog

Over at right-wing blog Oregon Catalyst, they're claiming inside sources that say Kevin Mannix is definitely running for Congress.

Good sources have confirmed that it is a dead set-certainty that Kevin Mannix will announce a run for the 5th Congressional seat vacated by Darlene Hooley any day now. The numbers show incredible name ID for Mannix in the district.

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  • Nicholas Klonoski (unverified)

    This man should never hold elective office, and should certainly not represent the good values of Oregon in Washington, DC.

  • mrfearless47 (unverified)

    If losing District 5 by a landslide doesn't convince Kevin that no one wants him holding an elective office, I don't know what will. Run Kevin Run.

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    High name ID? Hillary's name ID was pretty high, too.

    And his "ability to fundraise" consists mostly of asking Loren Parks for more hypno-fuck money, doesn't it? Which he can't do for this race, too bad so sad.

    If Mannix DOES run, and the national GOP continues to nominally back Erickson, I'll be curious to see how Mr. M. handles their interference in a competitive state primary. It's not right, no matter which party does it.

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    This certainly adds a new wrinkle to the AG race.

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    "This certainly adds a new wrinkle to the AG race."

    as in, the Dem nominee will walk in the election? :)

  • HunterT (unverified)

    Even if he somehow won the seat, at least he wouldn't have any more time for his awful ballot initiatives.

  • stan (unverified)

    What Hunter said, either he loses and gets his teeth kicked in yet again or he wins and no more stupid ballot initiatives.

  • Bert Lowry (unverified)

    I have't done any research, but at first blush, Mannix doesn't seem like much of a candidate. He's a career politician who can't seem to get elected -- sort of like a career salesman who can't make a sale. He has weird political connections like Loren Parks. He ran the state GOP into a financial, electoral and spiritual morass.

    The only candidate who scares me less is Lon Mabon.

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    as in, the Dem nominee will walk in the election?

    I guess I was thinking more about who is going to run, but you may be right. Mannix was the GOPs "best" shot to challenge the Dem nominee.

  • helys (unverified)

    But who's the Dem candidate?

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    OR-5: Mannix a "dead-duck certainty" laments GOP boneheads.

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    Right now Macpherson and Kroger are fighting it out for the Dem nomination.

  • Kathy (unverified)

    Any wagers that the ED of the GOP (who was hand picked by Mannix after she ran his 02 race) resigns and runs his CD 5 primary?

  • JTT (unverified)

    Was it ever any doubt that Mannix was going to run for CD5 after he first supported...then later withdrew that support from the compromise property crimes legislation? It's clear that since he couldn't transfer the out-of-state, special interest, dirty-money from the initiative campaign and deposit it in his own campaign...that he's going to plaster his name all over the TV-ads and direct mail for his loser initiative. He's going to use the initiative campaign as a surrogate for his CD-5 campaign...just you wait and see.

    I really do hope Mannix runs for that seat. With his track record and in this year of the big "D"...it's almost a sure victory for us.

  • mikePDX (unverified)

    Kroger and Macpherson "fighting it out"?? Where? Act Blue shows them running for Attorney General. Is there anyone registered for the Primary? This is an important seat but I see no activity.

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    Mike, you are correct. Both Kroger and Macpherson are running for Attorney General - and both have explicitly stated that they are not running for Congress in 2008.

  • J (unverified)
    <h2>How did Mannix do against Kulongoski in CD-5? (My impression is that he won.) How'd he do against Hardy there? Different year, but I wouldn't get cocky.</h2>

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