OR-5: Steve Marks?

The Associated Press reports that Steve Marks is considering joining the race for Oregon's 5th Congressional District.

Steve Marks says he's eyeing the race and hopes to decide whether to join it by Monday.

Marks was a chief of staff to former Governor John Kitzhaber and has spent the last two years working with him on health care reform.

So far, the only other Democrat in the race is Senator Kurt Schrader (D-Canby).


  • LT (unverified)

    So, maybe politics is not as cut and dried as some thought?

    I've known Steve for years and think this is really interesting.

  • GBT (unverified)

    I hope Marks run. I heard Schrader on KPOJ this morning and found him to be unimpressive.

  • rumor_mill (unverified)

    I'm gonna say this ap story is about 12% accurate. Steve is not a politician (in that sense)

  • Alan T (unverified)

    Wow, dueling big 'ol belt buckles. Jeans and western buckles....should be interesting.

  • lonnie G. (unverified)

    Marks has the policy background for sure and the connections to give Schrader a run for the money. Good fit for the district.

    I hope Marks goes for it as contested primaries are good to flush out issues and pull our folks out who otherwise may not be active, and increases voter turnout during the general.

  • LT (unverified)

    Yes, Lonnie, I agree. A civil campaign (and I have no doubt these gentlemen can remain civil and debate issues) can motivate people to care about a campaign in the primary. And maybe other campaigns can look at that civil debate and take up the same issues.

  • Ben There (unverified)

    Steve is a good policy mind. He may have a better base throughout the district than Schrader (based in Canby) since he's based in more populous Salem. He'll attract more mainline Democrats looking for an alternative to the somewhat centrist and conservative Schrader. an interesting race to handicap.

  • Ladies First? (unverified)

    What about a strong female candidate? Do we really need two cowboys running for the seat? Any qualified fresh blood out there?


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