Super Tuesday reflections from Oregon bloggers

On his personal blog, Low on the Hog, Jeff Alworth notes the irony of the results:

While we still need to see how the delegates break out, it looks like Hillary will have won 50-100 delegates more than Obama tonight, but, rather surprisingly, Obama will have won more states--or at least more than he was expected to win.

Over at Middle Earth Journal, Chuck Butcher reflects on the votes - and looks ahead to the Oregon Primary:

The demographics of votes seem indicative of a trend toward Obama, youthful voters favor him, men favor him, and he seems able to capture a near split of the white vote while heavily carrying the black vote. He seems weakest among Hispanic, older voters, and women, pretty much in that order. ...

Obama supporters had best not rest on their laurels, this thing is still early days and Hillary Clinton has shown an ability to shift ground in a hearbeat and she has a good campaign. A year ago I predicted that Oregon's May Primary might count largely in this election, events are beginning to make that a better bet.

At DailyKos, John-Mark Gilhousen blogged about a jam-packed Super Tuesday party in Wasco County, and the conversations that ensued.

At Witigoen, Ben DuPree argues that we need a better primary system - perhaps regional primaries.

Discuss over there.


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