Bill Clinton in Medford

Sunday afternoon, the former president appeared at North Medford HS before a crowd estimated at 2500.


From the Mail-Tribune:

About 2,500 people came to see former President Bill Clinton stump for his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton, at a rally at North Medford High School this afternoon. ...

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is an amazing election,” Clinton began. “And aren’t you glad your votes are going to count?”

The Oregonian:

Former President Bill Clinton tonight kicked off his wife's fight to win Oregon's May 20 primary by regaling supporters with more than an hour of stories about Hillary Clinton and her plans on everything from high-mileage car to cheap college loans.

"I think she's the best change-maker I've ever known," said Clinton, who argued that Hillary Clinton has been helping people ever since she was a law student working to change laws dealing with child abuse and neglect. "I'm telling you folks, the issues are important, but you need a change maker."

There's more coverage at Medford's KOBI-5.

On Monday, he'll visit Portland, Salem, and Bend. Schedule here.

  • SDG (unverified)

    I certainly hope the Clinton campaign is not going to stiff small businesses in Oregon the way they have in other states - the campaign does not have enough money to pay its bills.

    Hillary says she'll fight for the little guy - unless it gets in the way of what she wants. Small businesses have to until to see if she even will pay them.

    Ad why didn't Hillary use these hardball campaign tactics when Bush vetoed SCHIP? When the Republicans got away with just the threat of a filibuster on nearly every piece of legislation last session? I didn't see her stand up and say "SHAME ON YOU GEORGE BUSH" or "SHAME ON YOU MITCH MCCONNELL"? Where were her hard fighting tactics then - when she was supposed to be standing up for us?

  • Daniel Spiro (unverified)

    Right now, the main person Hillary is fighting for -- unwittingly, perhaps -- is John McCain. She says McCain, unlike Obama, has crossed the "Commander and Chief threshold." Her husband calls McCain a "moderate." And now, a significant percentage of Clinton supporters say that they wouldn't support Obama in the general election.

    I know there are Hillary supporters out there. If you're reading this, could you please explain why your candidate(s) are praising McCain in such crucial respects? I'd like to scoff when people say that Hillary would just as soon have McCain elected as Obama, but I'm finding it hard to do so.

  • Ten Bears (unverified)

    Bilderberger. As a curseword it has a rather (n)ice ring to it, aeh? The military/industrial/media complex. A (not so) secret group of individuals intent upon world domination that includes the like of GHWBush, McCain and the Clintons. Ms Rodham-Clinton is of a family everybit old dynastic money as the Bush family.

    That as her surrogate he visits my old hometown Bend today, backwater that it is, is a sign of desperation.

    Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton, rah rah rah.

  • (Show?)

    First Senator Obama came to Medford, 8 days later former president Bill Clinton arrived. Democratic enthusiam for a change in leadership is deeply intense in Southern Oregon. President Clinton drew a crowd that stood and waited for him for nearly 2 hours. One side of the gym had the bleachers pulled down and the remaining standing crowd filled three quarters of the North Medford High School gymnasium. It was interesting to see some of the same people at both events. President Clinton was folksy and detailed in his remarks that lasted nearly an hour and a half. Local Democrats who volunteered to assist with the event dealt with a location change announced the evening before. Many of those volunteers worked late into the night to prepare for President Clinton's visit.

    Southern Oregon Democrats are in the groove, ready for the next visitor. We hope to welcome Senator Clinton to Jackson County next week.

  • SDG (unverified)

    Oregon is not Clinton Country.

  • Oregon Voter (unverified)

    I went to high school in Medford (and my parents and sister still live there.) The gym at North Medford High (Class of '92!) is actually a bit smaller than the one at Hedrick Junior High, where Clinton was originally going to speak.

    "Oregon Is Clinton Country"? They wish...

  • (Show?)

    OV... I'll take your word for it on the size of the rooms, but simply note that the media reported that the JHS has a capacity of 1200, while the HS has a capacity of 2500. Maybe it's got something to do with bleachers or other seating arrangements.

  • Matthew Sutton (unverified)

    I received the following comment from one local Democrat:

    "BTW, fine photographic contrast in the Mail Tribune - Obama with delightfully mixed crowd of youth to elders, varied ethnicities; Clinton with mostly middle-aged and up people. Obama in the crowd, Clinton on the stage, apart."

  • BCM (unverified)

    Although torridjoe loves the publicity, at least Bill has been pronouncing Oregon correctly the past two days .

  • Katy (unverified)

    Heard Clinton speak at OHSU this morning and he was great. Talked about Hillary's health care plan and green building/energy, along with other things of course.

    I've heard him speak a couple times but the thing that really struck me this time, perhaps just in contrast to the past 8 bush years, is how smart he is. He went into great detail about a couple of Hillary's plans. I suppose I've just fogotten what it's like to have such an intelligent and politically gifted President?

    After that he went out to the east side community center to give another talk. I'm wondering why today's travel around the city of our last Democratic president doesn't at least get an "in the news" on BO? I've read some of the nastier comments from an earlier thread here about Bill Clinton but for me and the others in the crowd this morning it was quite a thrill.

  • SDG (unverified)
    <h2>Did Bill endorse Gordon Smith today? Given the Clintons' fondness for McCain, it would seem to be a natural.</h2>
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