Chuck Butcher: Vicki Walker for SOS

Over at his blog, Chuck Butcher has some praise for Secretary of State candidate Vicki Walker:

I've personally known Vicki Walker for several years even though our districts are quite distant from each other. Her reputation as a tireless advocate for governmental responsibility to its citizens is deserved. She has maintained that position whether it was politic or not. I personally know that she will take serious criticism and listen and think about it. This character trait is of great benefit to constituents of a strong natured official, it is in fact, indispensable. No one can reach the level of the candidates for this office with out strong natures, but Vicki's dedication to principles is remarkable and indisputable even in this strong field.

I can state quite factually that Vicki will stand by her commitments even when they are inconvenient and involve an actual political sacrifice. Baker County Democrats put together a Dancing With The Blues event to give all the state wide candidates access to our area's voters before the Primary season kicked into high gear. Vicki agreed to attend shortly after the invitation was extended. Not too far before the event Lane Co, her home county, scheduled their annual dinner for the same date. As a political calculation, that dinner was much more important than our event and considerably more local to her scheduled events. Despite those considerations Vicki appeared at the Baker Co event and it did involve serious sacrifice on her part. Vicki's standing is such that a quite conservative Republican Baker City official is solidly in her camp, despite virtually no congruence with Vicki's Democratic Party stands. The matter for him was her dedication to the good of Oregonian communities and their benefit from that.

Any campaign needs dollars to run, endorsements help drive the garnering of money, and though this isn't a large forum I'm tossing this out to do what I can to help a candidate I have great respect for. You can contribute here or from a link on the sideboard. You will find very detailed positions on her site as well as the same contribution link. I encourage my readers to step up and help Vicki out, with money and support.

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