NRCC targets 23 Dems + one open seat (guess where?)

Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call reports on an internal NRCC memo that describes which Congressional seats will be targeted in 2008 (no link, subscription only):

The National Republican Congressional Committee is targeting 23 Democratic incumbents, including several freshmen, and one open seat, according a memo obtained by Roll Call that was prepared by the NRCC for a March 5 briefing to political action committee officials.

All of the seats included on the memo were those that President Bush either won or lost very narrowly in 2004. NRCC Chairman Tom Cole (Okla.) has made plain that he plans to target Democratic-held seats that voted for Bush in the last presidential election, particularly those represented by freshman Democrats.

Where's that one open seat? You guessed it:

Also included in the memo is Oregon’s 5th district, which is being vacated by retiring Rep. Darlene Hooley (D).

Now that Kevin Mannix is running for the GOP nod (joining Mike Erickson), it's more important than ever to support one of the Democratic candidates - or the nominee fund, if you're still undecided.

Donate to Steve Marks.

Donate to Kurt Schrader.

Donate to the nominee fund for OR-5.


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    And, for the curious, here's the full list of 23 seats.

    Arizona-5 Harry Mitchell Arizona-8 Gabrielle Giffords California-11 Jerry McNerney Connecticut-5 Christopher Murphy Florida-16 Tim Mahoney Georgia-8 Jim Marshall Illinois-8 Melissa Bean Indiana-9 Baron Hill Kansas-2 Nancy Boyda Kansas-3 Dennis Moore Kentucky-3 John Yarmuth Minnesota-1 Tim Walz New Hampshire-1 Carol Shea-Porter New Hampshire-2 Paul Hodes New York-20 Kirsten Gillibrand New York-24 Michael Arcuri Pennsylvania-4 Jason Altmire Pennsylvania-8 Patrick Murphy Pennsylvania-10 Christopher Carney Pennsylvania-11 Paul Kanjorski Texas-22 Nick Lampson Texas-23 Ciro Rodriguez Wisconsin-8 Steve Kagen

  • LT (unverified)

    And they think they can defeat the veterans elected in 2006 because..............?

    As I recall, Kevin may have been in the military, but I doubt Erickson was.

  • backbeat12 (unverified)

    Well isn't that special. Meanwhile is it correct that no Democrat has signed up to challenge NRCC audit committee chairman Walden? How can you chair an audit committee and not ensure, you know, AUDITS are conducted? We have nobody in all of Bend, Medford and beyond to challenge this guy? (and no, Kari, I don't think Novick should file for this election);)

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    There is no reference to military service on Kevin's biography.

  • verasoie (unverified)

    I'm not familiar with a lot of those seats, but from the inclusion of the New England seats in there, this seems like a bad list for them.

    There are 5 New England seats that I think are a waste of money for them (CT, 2 in NH, 2 in NY), and one TX seat (Ciro Rodriguez) that is overwhelmingly Latino--- another waste of money.

    That being said, they're welcome to waste their money on "offense" when there's probably two or three dozen seats, at least, where they're going to be fighting for their lives.

    Of this list, I see them winning 3-4 tops (FL, GA, TX-22 and, for good measure, an AZ seat), and losing at least 10 elsewhere, and likely far more if Obama is the nominee---- I'll take that math anyday.

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    I have a hard time believing they can beat Lampson, especially if Shelley Sekula Gibbs wins the runoff for the Republican spot. She was so bad that even DeLay's staff couldn't handle her and they quit.

    It may be one of the most conservative districts represented by a Dem, but Lampson isn't a liberal Dem - he's considered a conservative Dem (a label he has agreed with in the past). He's a perfect fit for the district. He's also very popular there. He may have only served one term in the district thus far, but he represented a portion of the district for several years before being cut out of his district.

    I mean, how many tax assessor collectors do you know who are loved by the community they serve and re-elected multiple times with huge margins?

    District 22 has also been hit hard by the housing market bust, bad economy, etc. and Republicans aren't too popular there.

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    MN-1 is another district where I think they are wasting their time, Tim Walz is a hard and smart campaigner who defeated a longtime incumbent in 2006. He's not going down this year.

  • Larry McD (unverified)

    I'm still pissed that our household responded to Congresswoman Hooley's early plea for help by sending her campaign $250. That's cash that we now don't have to donate to the person who really will be trying to hold that seat.

    I was angry with Angie Paccione when she left her race in Colorado, but she was literally bruted out by the Democratic establishment so that Senator Ken Salazar's assistant could start climbing the ladder. Darlene Hooley's only excuse appears to be that she's tired... well, a lot of people are tired and they get their butts up every morning and do what they have to do.

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    <h2>Larry, Have you contacted Darlene's campaign and asked them if they will return or fwd the dough to another Dem for that seat? What was the response?</h2>
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