One Oregonian Without Health Insurance Dies Every Day

A new report has been released showing that on average one person dies every day in Oregon due to a lack of health insurance.

From the Statesman Journal:

About 350 Oregonians a year die because they don’t have health insurance, according to a report released today.

The report from Families USA, a health advocacy group, is based on two previous national studies by Institute of Medicine and the Urban Institute that found a link between a lack of health care coverage and deaths from health-related causes for people between ages 25 and 64.

The Families USA report found that between 2000 and 2006, almost 1,900 working-age adults in the state died because they didn’t have health care insurance.

Many of the deaths stem from a lack of preventative care:

“Every American deserves a chance at a long and healthy life,” said Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore. “As this report highlights, having good health care insurance makes an astounding difference in one’s likelihood for a healthy future.”

Ron Pollack, director of the group, said the nation’s heath care system is inadequate and causes some working-age Oregonians to have an early death.

“Health insurance really matters in how people make their health care decisions,” he said. “We know that people without insurance often forgo checkups, screenings and other preventive care.”

Uninsured adults are more likely to be diagnosed with a disease such as cancer in an advanced stage, which reduces their chance of survival, Pollack said. The Institute of Medicine study found uninsured adults are 25 percent more likely to die prematurely than adults with private insurance.

Read the rest. Discuss.

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    And people say politics doesn't matter.

    This, my friends, is what it's about.

  • tl (unverified)

    Why is it postings regarding Merkley vs. Novick, Clinton vs. Obama, or even a posting questioning the actions and choices of a spouse of a cheater generate over 60 responses within 24 hours, but this one gets only a couple?

    I am not suggesting the other topics are not worth discussing, but is this topic so unimportant, uncontroversial, or incomprehensible as to not merit thoughtful discussion?

    Personally, I never had health insurance until I got to college. The only person in my family who had insurance was my father, who as a veteran could go to a VA hospital. Thank goodness nothing serious happened to us during the time we were growing up!

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