OR-5: Erickson plays dirty, Mannix announcing?

Over on his Oregonian blog, Jeff Mapes reports that right-wing groups are already upset at congressional candidate Mike Erickson for misusing his 2006 endorsements to suggest 2008 support:

Two years ago, Oregon Right to Life and Ag PAC endorsed Republican congressional candidate Mike Erickson. Now officials from the two groups say they're upset at Erickson for sending out a mailing that could mistakenly lead voters to believe the two groups are endorsing him again. ...

"I was very unhappy about" this new mailing, said Gayle Atteberry, executive director of Oregon Right to Life, the anti-abortion group. "Just the spirit of the card has him implying that we're supporting him this time," she added. ...

Atteberry said she expected that Oregon Right to Life would endorse Mannix, who she said has always had the backing of the group during his numerous runs for office.

Of course, this is old hat for Mike Erickson. Just one of the many controversies from his past:

Erickson has had questions raised in the past about the accuracy of his campaign materials. In 1988, for example, critics charged that he inflated a routine letter of encouragement from then-Sen. Mark O. Hatfield, R-Ore., into an endorsement when he ran unsuccessfully for the state House.

Meanwhile, Kevin Mannix has scheduled a Thursday morning press conference to announce... something. From the O's politics blog:

Republican Kevin Mannix will announce Thursday morning whether or not he will be a candidate in the Fifth Congressional District.

Mannix said he will hold a press conference at the Salem airport at 10:30 a.m.

He wouldn't say what he will decide but noted that the airport provides a one-stop connection with Reagan National Airport in Washington D.C. Mannix also pointed out that "Salem is population center and geographical center of the Fifth District."


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    As a progressive Oregonian I gotta say that I would be VERY content to let Erickson be the poster-child for Republicans in Oregon. He does them vastly more damage than he does good. His one major character flaw, from their POV, seems to be that he's too inept and gets caught playing fast and loose with the truth too often. If he could just learn how to use lots of words without saying anything of substance, like Mannix, he'd probably be a lot more popular with RTL and like-minded groups.

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    It's not just the truth he plays fast and loose with.

  • David (unverified)
    <h2>Any truth to the rumor I'm hearing that Scharder's primary opponent Steven (I forget his last name) has managed to land Joe Trippi as his campaign manager? OPB radio was reporting it last night.</h2>
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