OR-5: Steve Marks is in.

The Oregonian reports that former Kitzhaber chief-of-staff Steve Marks is running for Congress in the Fifth Congressional District.

Democrat Steve Marks, a long-time aide and chief of staff to former Gov. John Kitzhaber, said today that he will run for the Fifth Congressional District seat being vacated by Rep. Darlene Hooley

Marks, who has worked as a lobbyist and public policy consultant since Kitzhaber left office in 2003, will face Sen. Kurt Schrader, D-Canby, in the May 20 primary.

The O reports that Joe Trippi will be the primary consultant on the campaign. Trippi is best known for his role on the Howard Dean campaign in 2004. In 1994, he was a consultant to John Kitzhaber and in 1996, for Darlene Hooley. Most recently, Trippi has advised Kitzhaber on his Archimedes Movement.

Ridenbaugh Press takes note of the hire:

Marks may be able to pull in some of that Kitzhaber magic. But we also took note of this paragraph in his announcement statement: “Overseeing the Marks’ campaign is Joe Trippi who is heralded as the man who ‘reinvented campaigning’ by The New Republic. Most recently, Trippi worked with the John Edwards campaign. He earned a national reputation for his work on Howard Dean’s presidential campaign for his internet campaign inventions. Trippi knows the 5th Congressional District well, Marks noted, from Trippi’s previous work on behalf of Congresswoman Darlene Hooley.”

High-powered help with relevant Oregon background. We’ll be watching.


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    Has anyone seen the DCCC? They seem to be missing.

  • PDX Girl (unverified)

    Steve Marks getting into this race is just wrong. We couldn't have a worse nominee in the general election.

  • LT (unverified)

    PDX Girl, by all means spend your energies campaigning for Kurt. That is what contested primaries are all about.

  • JHL (unverified)

    PDX Girl, what? If you know something, by all means... do tell! :) Otherwise, I think you are Martha Schrader in disguise.

    meanwhile, Here is apparently Marks's website.

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    Joe Trippi also was a Senior Advisor to John Edwards for President.

  • Phil (unverified)

    I met Steve during his work on the Archimedes Movement, and I think he'll make a great congressman. He's warm and smart and has a real passion for, among other issues, providing health care for the poor. I think he's the right guy to take on Mannix. He'll hold that jerk accountable.

  • B. McN (unverified)

    Woohoo!! I think it's great that Steve is getting into the race. With his background he'll be a good fit for the district. Issues that he's championed...healthcare, education, immigrant rights...these are the issues that can win debates on.

    I for one can't wait to see Mannix lose another election.

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    Kitzhaber's Godlike status among Bus Project alums will guarantee a huge built in advantage for this guy you've never heard of.

    There Will be Bus

    My guy Kurt's got his work cut out for him.

    Of course, if Kitzhaber was about anything like providing health care for the poor, he might have supported Bates and Westlund rather than pitching a temper tantrum and taking his marbles home.

    Hopefully The Anointed really is warm and smart


    Oh, yeah, and I really like Joe Trippi and am sorry to see him serving the kool-aid on this one.

  • Nope (unverified)

    Bus doesn't involve itself in primaries

  • LT (unverified)

    Pat, are you implying Joe Trippi can't think for himself?

    I look forward to seeing how the campaigns are run. Do they have many debates and joint appearances? Are 2 very bright, experienced men going to show us how an intelligent primary campaign is run (as I believe the 2nd Cong. Dist. primary was run in 2006)?

    Or will it just be about commercials and candidates telling us what is important because we obviously can't think for ourselves?

    My guess is Trippi knows the last choice only alienates people. Politics shouldn't be so cut and dried that voters never have a chance to engage in dialogue with candidates and then make up their own minds.

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    No LT,

    I said serving the Kool aid not drinking the Kool aid.

  • John Forbes (unverified)

    Steve will help ensure that issues will be discussed and that Kurt's Mr. Middle of the Road road might be challenged. Kurt will be tough to beat, though.

  • LT (unverified)
    <h2>Thanks, John. I was telling a friend tonight that if they discuss issues in a serious "let the best man win" framework rather than going after each other (like Hillary saying earlier that hope is less important than experience---does she still think that way now she has hope of winning future primaries?) it will be good for Oregon no matter who wins.</h2>
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