Where can you hear Al Sharpton's radio show anyway? KBMS 1480 AM in Portland

Chip Shields

Some of you may recall that in January as the rhetoric from the Clinton camp became more heated and as some accused the Clinton camp of focusing on race in their rhetoric, (Obama was "shucking and jiving" etc.), former President Clinton went on Al Sharpton's nationally synicated radio show to clear the air.

African-American political talk radio is taking off and there's little doubt that nationally syndicated shows like Sharpton's and Tom Joyner's have marshalled voters in this campaign cycle.

So where can you find them?

The answer in Portland and Vancouver is KBMS 1480 AM, a station that is extremely well known in the African-American community here and is a great gateway to the Portland-area African-American voter.

KBMS 1480 offers African-American focused political talk radio. Attorney Warren Balantine's Truth Fighters' show is in the morning and Al Sharpton's Keeping it Real show is in the afternoon.

And the rest of the time they run a great Party Blues and Oldies format, where you can take in some great artists like Al Green, the Meters or Albert King. KBMS 1480 AM doesn't have a website, but you can sample the format from www.americanbluesnetwork.com by clicking here.

And speaking of Albert King here he is -- a great musician who spent much of his career in my hometown...

So check out KBMS 1480 AM some time when you're down and out on regular radio or just want to hear a different point of view or some party blues and oldies.

  • BCM (unverified)

    So check out KBMS 1480 AM some time when you're down and out on regular radio

    ...implying that KBMS is not regular? Could you please elaborate, Chip?

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    I think he means mainstream.

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    Hey Chip I grew up in the burbs of Chicago and in the late 60's would go to place called "The Kinetic Playground" (Clark and Foster if memory serves me correctly) and Albert King would be part of a three band bill on a regular bases. Thanks for the memory.

  • Matthew Sutton (unverified)

    Thanks Chip.

    In related news, I offer the following:

    I think Barack will have a very strong showing tomorrow.

    Should Hillary decide to stay in the race, she will have an uphill battle in the remaining states where Obama has already organized.

    FOR EXAMPLE, we held approx. 36 THIRTY SIX house parties for Barack in OREGON yesterday under the leadership of Barack's Oregon Co-Chair Cong. Earl Blumenauer. We all had a great time and we are fired up and ready to go folks.

    There are plenty of other States that will vote ahead of Oregon that are equally if not more ready to make a difference for Barack, but if it comes down to Oregon we will be ready to put him over the top.

  • Murphy (unverified)

    Man -- only on Blue Oregon will you get a Meter's reference early on a Monday morning.

    Good Job.

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    <h2>There are also cool streaming shows on NPR like Tell Me More and News and Notes that have more focus on issues related to minority issues.</h2>

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