Bill Clinton in Oregon, Friday and Saturday

Willamette Week reports that President Bill Clinton is returning to Oregon to campaign for Senator Hillary Clinton.

The Philly cheese-steak juice will barely be dry on his lips when former President Bill Clinton touches down this week in Oregon for his second campaign trip in as many months. ... Did Bubba come to Oregon this often when he was president?

Tickets for the events, which are as-yet-unannounced, will be made available at the Clinton Oregon website. More info from the site:

President Bill Clinton will campaign for Hillary in Oregon on Friday, April 25th and Saturday, April 26th. He will visit multiple locations throughout the state. Venues and times will be released later in the week.

Public wishing to attend can sign up for an invitation by joining our email list. Invitations will be emailed out later in the week



  • Bill R. (unverified)

    He's baaaaaaaack... Oh, joy!

  • Admiral Naismith (unverified)

    The time has come. The time is now. Hillary Clinton Will you please go, now?

    You can go to CA You can go to OH You can go anywhere Just as long as you go.

    You can go in a teacup Or a hot cross bun. You can walk if you want But please don't run.

    You've praised McCain. You've attacked Obama. Now High School called. They want back their drama.

    In a blaze of glory Or a garbage scow Hillary Clinton Will you please go, now?

  • naschkatzehussein (unverified)

    No thanks!

  • Raven Girl Rocks (unverified)

    For Change Vote Obama!

    John Mellencamp Small Town

    Bruce Springsteen Radio Nowhere

    Barack Obama 08!

  • Taylor M (unverified)

    While he's here, will someone please ask him why they haven't released their Presidential Library donor list yet? Don't get intimidated- demand an answer, even when he wags his finger.

    If that question gets asked, mention the "Clintons Rules" of voting for the candidate who makes you think, not the one who wants to scare. After her PA campaign we deserve an answer to that one too.

    I know these don't matter in any real "electoral" sense, as Hillary can't win and is only staying in to hurt Obama. But I wouldn't mind getting answers to these questions.

  • (Show?)

    Obama supporters have some class. Please stop talking all your trash. The race is not over, your man is not king. A democratic process is the thing.

    Hillary has won as many if not more, Dems are split down to the core. If you really want unity in our party, stop badmouthing 50% of us, you won't be sorry.

    Come November, Repugs will lose, The poet above will become blue. He'll have no more Obama to be his vent. Hillary will be in the White House! Nuff said!

  • xxxxx (unverified)

    I don't vote for Karl Rove-style Republicans like Hillary.

  • xxxx (unverified)

    Remember - after Hillary loses Oregon, she will say that we are not one of the "important" states.

  • Viki (unverified)

    "While he's here, will someone please ask him why they haven't released their Presidential Library donor list yet? Don't get intimidated- demand an answer, even when he wags his finger. "

    Where is Obama tax return for 1997-1999?

  • (Show?)

    I would like to state for the record that I donated a couple of hundred bucks to the Clinton presidential library.

  • Taylor M (unverified)


    Nice try, but a $165 million building made with secret donations and three years of a young family's tax returns are slightly different things. The Clinton Library donor list includes millions of millions of dollars donated by people around the world, in secret, to curry favor with the former presidential family. The Clintons have reaped a fortune from the private sector the past seven years as they've traded in business contacts; it's important for voters to know who's given them the multi-millions, especially with the Clintons' past financial improprieties.

    Meanwhile Obama was a state senator, civil rights lawyer, and constitutional law prof from 1997-99. He has released his tax returns from those years, and they've been pored over in previous races. But nice try comparing apples and (non-existent) oranges.

  • Viki (unverified)

    " He has released his tax returns from those years, and they've been pored over in previous races. But nice try comparing apples and (non-existent) oranges."

    Can I have a link to these Obama tax returns from 1997-1999 that as you say made public? Thank you.

  • trishka (unverified)

    viki, why on earth do you care? he made a couple of million selling a couple of best-selling books.

    what's the big whoop?

  • Taylor M (unverified)

    Here you go Viki! This is a 2007 article that reviews the Obamas' old taxes (1997-2004) and then takes them to task for not donating much to charity before his book made him a small fortune. It doesn't mention that the Obamas were likely still paying off a substantial portion of their college and law school loans until recently.

    The press has these tax returns, they've examined them, and I'm guessing Obama doesn't want to "re-release them" because a) he already has and b) who wants to get busted by FOX News (and/ or Hillary) for writing off a $2 pair of socks and a ripped suit?

    Meanwhile, who are the primary donors to the multi-million dollar Clinton Library? Apples and oranges...

  • shirley (unverified)

    It's really sad that you guys don't have anything better in your life to trash the canadates and forget what's really important in this race is to get the President's back and not have another republicain President. Use your energy to go forward not backwards.

  • Lori (unverified)

    Shirley makes a good point. I think our goal here is to make sure we elect a democrat as president in November. The character bashing doesn't help anything.

    I'm looking forward to having President Clinton back in Oregon this weekend.

  • Viki (unverified)

    Taylor M,

    Link please (to tax return 1997-1999).

  • Dolores fleming (unverified)

    Obama will never get elected presdident of this country.It has been said that if obama is elected president that he would be The Anti Christ of which it would be bad for America.Obama may be popular with the young people but he is not popular with the Baby Boomers or the 60+.Do you actualy think that this country will turn the White house into the Black House.Obama has said that he never got into washington but he knew it needed a change.What was he doing up there as a senator for three years as he has said.SLEEPING.He has missed voting 17% of the time.Obama never happen.

  • LT (unverified)

    As a 61 year old Oregonian who was once a Dem. national convention delegate, I am getting tired of being told what "baby boomers" or "women over a certain age" want in a presidential candidate.

    <h2>I want the right to think for myself and not have people tell me what I believe!</h2>
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