Chelsea Clinton at the Red Dress Party

The Red Dress Party is an annual charity event here in Portland - an event that raises money for organizations that support queer youth and those living with HIV/AIDS.

At the event, some two thousand men and women party it up, and a red dress is required attire.

Bravo to Chelsea for not letting presidential politics keep her from hanging out with a bunch of men in dresses. WW has a story - and Just Out has the photos!

WW describes the Red Dress Party as:

...a mondo-alcohol-fueled dance party where nearly 2,000 gay men in various states of red dress undress (and several nearly naked straight men as well as one very colorfully decorated naked woman) invade a warehouse in Northeast Portland and dance their collective asses off to pounding disco music and the incredible Storm Large and her Balls (they were beyond fabulous).

Here's a sampling of the photos...




Come back soon, Chelsea!

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    I saw this last night on Chelsea was flanked by Byron Beck and his partner Juan Martinez and she looked like she was having fun. Though, I question her outfit choice. Who wears a gray blazer to a red dress party? Girl, if you need some clothes, I can take you shopping. UGH to have the world stage, what fabulous clothes I would wear! :)

  • Bill R. (unverified)

    Ah, yes, Hillary Clinton, the traditional values candidate. The one who puts God, guns, and guts on her bumper sticker. You don't see her or her daughter going to red dress parties in Pa. I wonder why?

  • DB (unverified)

    Actually, Chelsea did go to a gay bar (Woodies)in Pennsylvania.

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    Wow. She's pretty (and I don't mean just Chelsea).

  • DW (unverified)

    Wow, what a good sport! We certainly don't see Michelle Obama cutting up a rug with a bunch of men in red dresses!

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    DW, Michelle Obama's outfit choices would have been fantastic.

  • Katy (unverified)

    Actually, I saw Chelsea that day in Eugene - I heard her tell her staff she wished they had time to stop and buy a red dress. At the time I wondered what the heck she was talking about. At least she found a red t-shirt.

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    She WAS wearing fabulous purple high heels.

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    Stephanie, Red t-shirt and purple heels? Scandalous. :)

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    It seems Chelsea knows a good party when she sees one.

    ... and yet her Mom, Senator Hillary Clinton, still supports the Defense of Marriage Act (signed into law by her husband, and Chelsea's Dad) to the extent it allows States to refuse to recognize a marriage from another State if the couple happens to be of the same gender. This is the same "let the States decide" position long asserted by Southern governors to refuse recognition of mixed-race marriages from other States, until this racist practice was barred by the U.S. Supreme Court in Loving v. Virginia.

    Senator Barack Obama supports full repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, which means that - just as with mixed race couples - married in one State would mean married in all, regardless of race or gender.

    We all love a good party.

    But GLBT Americans want the same rights everyone else has, so I'll be voting for Obama in the primary.

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    Huge, huge ditto. Thanks so much.

    And, ohmigod -- I just looked at Chelsea's t-shirt again and it looks like one from the Red line at the Gap, which was thought up by none other than that hyprocrit Bono!! Does Steve Novick know?? AGG!

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    What? No pictures of her downing shots of Crown in order to try and fit in? :)

  • joel dan walls (unverified)

    The fact that Barack Obama refused to let himself be photographed at this event with Gavin Newson is obviously proof of Obama's anti-gay stance.

  • DF (unverified)

    John Stewart did a great bit on her choice of alcohol.

    She picked the everyman shot: the only one with the words "crown" and "royal" in it.

    Chelsea does look like she is having fun.

  • James X. (unverified)

    And isn't Crown Royal ... Canadian?

    It's a fun event (yes, I've been), it's for a good cause, and I thought it was cool of her to go. In case anyone's getting any ideas, though, you can't go in anything but a red dress, unless you're Chelsea Clinton.

  • Brandon (unverified)

    Leo, the only difference between Barack Obama's position and Hillary Clinton's is she's being more consistent about both of their identical views: that they support civil unions and that the issue is to be decided by the states.

    DOMA has 3 sections. 1) Its name. Big whoop. 2) Recognizing already existing law that one state is not required to recognize unions in the other. 3*) The only legal union is between a man and a woman.

    She supports repealing Section 3. Section 2 already exists and will be difficult to remove for little payoff.

    The idea that Obama's promise to remove "all" of DOMA is better than Clinton's promise to remove the discriminatory part is foolish at best.

  • Joey (unverified)

    Brandon is right. And it's my understanding that DOMA was signed into law to stop something worse from happening -- an amendment to the Constitution banning same sex marriage. DOMA placated the more savage elements that wanted to enact the amendment option -- that would be so much more difficult to overturn later than something like DOMA. Bill Clinton knew what he was doing.

    BO is no friend of the LGBT community -- he still allows antigay bigots to campaign for him (and deliver antigay harangues); he refuses (or at least did a while ago) to grant interviews with local gay papers (sure he gave warmed over rhetoric in the Advocate but he never allowed real tough questions from local gay papers); he's admitted that he's uncomfotable with gay people and more.

    Hillary is more a frined of the LGBT community than BO will ever be and she is dedicated to doing something for us far more sincerely than a certain messianic speech giver.

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