Congresswoman Darlene Hooley: "It is a cause worth fighting for."

Chris Corbell

The official opening of Hillary Clinton's Portland campaign office drew a crowd of supporters downtown tonight.  The campaign staff - which will be growing throughout the state with seven offices - were all-hands-on-deck signing up volunteers, checking off items on the office wish list, and training everyone on the phone system.

Congresswoman Darlene Hooley, U.S. Representative for Oregon's 5th District, urged supporters on with a speech detailing why she is committed to Senator Clinton's historic run for the Presidency.  Echoing one of the staffer's given reasons for supporting Hillary - "to change the world" - Hooley celebrated the opportunity that Clinton supporters have in Oregon.

"For the first time in decades, Oregon's vote will make a difference," she said to enthusiastic applause and cheers of support.

Hooley celebrated the chance "to elect the first woman President of the United States.  [Some may say] oh you're just for her because she's a woman - well I'm thrilled that she's a woman but I'm voting for her because she knows how to do the job."

Hooley related an account of several congressional representatives going to the White House during the administration of Bill Clinton to discuss a contentious issue.  The President was unavailable, so Hillary Clinton met them, apologizing for the President's absence but then delving into the issues.  The group went away deeply impressed not only with Hillary's knowledge and sincerity on the issues but also with her ability to diffuse contention.

"To me," she explained, "that's a person who knows how to get things done in the system.... Her breadth of knowledge, her depth of knowledge and understanding is incredible."

Hooley stressed her feeling, shared by Hillary's supporters, that Senator Clinton is the most qualified and capable candidate for President in the race, and that working for her cause means to work for the best possible President we can elect in 2008.

"I'd like to see our economy grow, and again I think that Senator Clinton is the only one who knows how to get that done."

"I can't think of a better person to be President than Hillary Rodham Clinton."

Congresswoman Hooley urged all Hillary supporters to "believe that we can make this happen in this state. It is a cause worth fighting for."

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