Gordon Smith's first TV spot in 2008

Senator Gordon Smith is airing his first TV spot of the 2008 campaign today.

From the AP:

And on Wednesday, Republican incumbent Gordon Smith will hit the television airwaves with a spot designed to paint him as an independent voice for Oregon, though Democrats argue his reputation as a political moderate is undeserved.

The Republican senator's ad is clearly aimed shoring up support among independent and Republican voters in the general election as he tries to win re-election in a state that's been trending bluer by the year.

"I approve this ad because no matter who our next president is — him or her — I will find common ground for the change we need," he says in the 30-second spot.

Democrats have been hammering on the theme that Smith has voted with the Bush administration most of the time, often canceling out the vote of Oregon's Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden.

At StopGordonSmith.com, DPO executive director Trent Lutz set the record straight on Gordon Smith:

“Gordon Smith doesn’t get it. Slick TV ads can’t hide his record. Gordon Smith votes with President Bush 90 percent of the time and opposes Ron Wyden on ending the Iraq War, solving climate change and lowering prescription drug costs for seniors. Gordon Smith, it doesn’t matter what you say to the camera or what music plays in the background, you can’t disguise your record. You stand with Bush, you stand with the special interests, and you stand against Ron Wyden on the issues that matter most to Oregonians.”

Here's the spot:

How many misleading, false, and exaggerated statements can you find in his ad?


  • Pat Malach (unverified)

    I had this very same post up on my blog yesterday, but the posts from my blog are no longer making it onto the Lefty Blogs Oregon Blogwire.

  • Charlie (unverified)

    Well at least we know which demographic he is going to target.

  • (Show?)

    Someone want to parse the Hillary ref? Is this a pitch to folks who might vote Clinton in the general but won't vote Obama? An effort at portraying "independence" by "not prejudging things"? Something else?

    Regardless of what he thinks he's doing, how does the top of the Democratic ticket affect Gordo's chances (or those of the Dem nominee & Frohnmayer)?

  • (Show?)

    Pat, I just checked on your LeftyBlogs feed. It's all good. Sometime yesterday morning, your blog fell into the "slowpokes" zone. That happens now and then, when a particular blog is slow to respond. LeftyBlogs then delays a re-try for a full day or so, rather than checking every hour. I've manually pulled you out of slowpokes, so it should update your blog sometime this afternoon.

  • Pat Malach (unverified)

    Thanks, Kari.

    Primary season is almost over!

  • Pat Malach (unverified)

    By the way, did Gordon Smith "independently" conclude he should vote with Bush 90% of the time.

  • (Show?)

    That's a really strong ad. Reaching out to Democrats. Sounding reasonable, Senatorial. Smith has some talented people working on his campaign.

    You'll note, as I mentioned in my previous comment about Novick's post, that the candidate is speaking for himself. That will resonate with Oregon voters.

  • JHL (unverified)

    I like how they worked the approval into the copy of the ad, and it was able to end and begin on strong talking points. Good work, whoever put that together.

    (I don't like Smith... but I do like his commercial.)

  • Marybeth (unverified)

    I have to agree - positive message targeted to independents who are sick of the partisan bickering and negative rancor (steve and jeff, obama and clinton).

    I have said it before, our biggest problem in the general is Frohnmayer. Personally, I'm supporting Novick because he draws the sharpest contrast with Smith and Merkley's campaign has been so anemic. If Merkley wins I'll probably support Frohnmayer.

  • Mike (unverified)

    Gordon Smith? Is that guy still around?

    I have already told everyone I know to vote against him. I can't wait until he's fired. He'll be forgotten immediately. I don't even think the bums on K Street will be able to put that useless man to work.

  • Kip (unverified)

    Oh please let's get this jerk out of office this year!

    <h2>He has clearly been the top 'flying monkey' for the Bush adminstration from day one.</h2>
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