HD-45: WW interviews Boston, Coney, & Dembrow.

Willamette Week has posted its interview of the candidates for the 45th District (currently held by Rep. Jackie Dingfelder). The candidates are Cyreena Boston, Jon Coney, and Michael Dembrow.


  • AR31 (unverified)

    The choice is clear, Cyreena Boston is the best choice for HD 45!

  • Wish In LIved in HD 42 (unverified)

    Choices are far more impressive in HD42. I'd take any one of those three over anyone of these three.

  • AR31 (unverified)

    I hope you're not basing that comment off a Willy Week interview...

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    Lest we forget, Cryreena Boston started as a community activist at age 10, came in to the DPO as a Deaniac, went all over the state in that capacity, knows the district intimately, has a rep for independence of thought.
    She seems to me to be in the Obama mold in one important way--She seems to have the ability to see the big picture and to then dedicate herself to communicating it to fellow travellers who might be....er.......less rigorous in their thought processes.

    Both Coney and Dembrow seem like smart dedicated guys, but when you look at the resumes, you've got a Salem insider under Kitzhaber who has since gone on into county service, and a boomer professor/union guy, who had to be prompted to notice that the majority of labor in this state is in fact non-union.

    Cyreena grew up on the turf, and her bona fides seem tailor made for the work of representing the district.

    <h2>Go Cyreena.</h2>
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