WW interviews Nick Kahl & Barbara Kyle for HD49

In HD 49, two Democrats are running for the seat currently held by Rep. Karen Minnis.

Nick Kahl is a Lewis & Clark law student and a former aide to County Commissioner Jeff Cogen. He's been endorsed by the Oregon AFL-CIO, OEA, OLCV, Sierra Club, Governor Barbara Roberts and more.

Barbara Kyle is a realtor and a member of the Troutdale City Council. She's been endorsed by State Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson and others.

Here's the WW endorsement interview:


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    Nick, You are so, so good. Couldn't have done it better myself. Love it. Congratulations on scaring away your opponent.

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    Go Nick Go!

    I first met Nick at a local microbrew establishment. He's got a lot of energy, dedication, and smarts. He realizes that not all the policy questions have easy answers, but obviously is working hard at finding the answers to House District 49's persistent questions.

    Which is why he's taking this race by storm. Anyone who has a few bones or shoe leather would do well to direct it to Nick, who will hopefully replace the ghost of Karen Minnis.

    I look forward to working with him at the capitol.

  • Hans Friedrich (unverified)

    I had the pleasure of enjoying dinner with Nick and a few other friends a couple weeks ago. I was extremely impressed by his grasp of policy, passion for the people and issues of District 49, and great sense of humor. Go Nick!

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    I met with Nick and heard him speak on my campus a few weeks ago, and I found him to be one of the most exciting candidates I've seen so far this year.

  • PSJackson (unverified)

    Nick is an up and coming superstar. This guy has my full support and will be a key player in building a three-fifths D majority in the House.

    Nick also may have not have had the early support of the Democratic Leadership in the House, but he did have the support of the State and County Democratic parties. I'm glad the House leadership has come around.

    Go Nick

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